Triangle-shaped formation flying over El Paso, Texas 4-Oct-2014


New video of an unknown lights in triangle-formation hovering in the sky above El Paso, Texas. This was taken on Saturday, 4th October 2014.

Witness report: This is footage that was taken out of my own camera from inside of an apartment complex in El Paso, TX on Oct. 4th, 2014 starting at 7:16 PM. The second set of footage was taken starting at 7:29 PM. I believe these to be Unidentified Flying Objects because of the strange ways that the lights in the sky were moving. There was no perceivable wind that day. The lights took upon triangular and “V” formations throughout the footage, and at a few points, one appears to go up while the other goes down, and one goes left while the other goes right. At certain points, the UFO’s began to hover until disappearing into the night’s sky. I don’t know what these lights were, but I think “Chinese lanterns” is the incorrect answer for some reason, and the local police stated that they hadn’t heard any reports of “Golden Knights” or “Chinese Lantern” activities..

Position: I was standing in the NE part of El Paso close to the Walgreens on Dyer/Wren St. I was facing the direction of East to Northeast when I was capturing the footage. Keep in mind that I was facing the direction of land that is owned by the military at Fort Bliss, so maybe it’s some kind of advanced military craft. To be honest, I have no idea what these lights were. I scoured the internet for any evidence of Golden Knights and/or Chinese Lantern shows/activities, and I could find nothing, so your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Author (HempSaves @ youtube)

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  1. Added music usually seems cheesy, but this piece is so appropriate! Those lights were up there a while. Gotta wonder about the significance of the changing formations. Nice capture — next time landscape orientation, please.

  2. Very nice video and music. I’d be blown away if I saw that in the sky here in Boston. I DO wish that that one idiot would stop going to videos just to press ” fake ” on Each And Every Single Video ever submitted.

  3. He scoured the internet for Goden Knights and Chinese Lantern shows/activity, LOL. First of all the Golden Knights don’t take off from the ground, they jump out of planes, second of all, there are no Chinese Lantern events that you’ll find on the internet, it’s just something people do in private, LOL.

  4. I don’t care if the music is “good” or not…lose it. As soon as I heard it I stopped watching. If you want to make a music video fine…. but post it to somewhere else

  5. Don’t focus on the music! I wish the video was better. The words he uses to describe what he saw is EXACTLY what I saw last night in IL! I hate all alien movies, therefore don’t watch them. The craft that I saw last night is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I was about 1500 feet away from one of them. There were 2.

  6. I saw the same triangle craft hovering over my home in West El Paso, TX May 18,2015. The craft was definitely triangle shaped and the body of the craft seemed to have stealth/invisible technology. The craft had 3 lights (one on each end) with no sound. The craft did a flip or tilting motion which made the lights appear as if they were moving up and down in a straight line or in a formation but looking closely, I did see the outer lining or triangle shape of the craft. I thought it might be one of those advanced military crafts, except it was about the size of a football field and its body looked almost invisible.

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