Amazing UFO filmed over Mexico City

Mexico City UFO

Report from Jaime Maussan about this strange unidentified flying object hovering above San Andres Mixquic, a community located in the southeast of the Mexico City in the borough of Tláhuac. This was recorded on 2nd November 2004.

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  1. This is a very good video of a UFO. Outstanding clear daylight sighting shows this not a balloon. It moves under intelligent control and moves with a meaning like it was looking for something or someone.

  2. This ufo footage was shown on Dan Aykroyd UFOs unplugged released in 2012. It says in the video the ufo footage was shot on Nov 2nd 2004 by the same guy Fernando Delgadillo!

  3. I can really liked the video… Appears to be a good capture of a UFO… This article says, “This was recorded on 2nd November 2014.” The actual video claims it was taken 10 years ago, in 2004… I do appreciate this site for it’s contributions, by offering UFO evidence… Let’s just be more careful not to misrepresent that evidence for your readers… As some may think this video was shot this year.

  4. i agree with iceni comments it looks like a balloon of some sort the nearer it gets to the trees it doesnt resemble your typical ufo ?more like a controlled balloon type object by remote control but yet again maybe im wrong ? told to keep an open mind on these things ?

  5. funny how we get all these great videos, close-ups, clear footage and witnesses and so on, yet there’s never a follow up or what happened after. how come when people own and choose to share videos like these, we never have an ending? what the heck happened after it seemingly went behind the trees? why does the footage stop there? what did all the witnesses have to say happened? it really irks me when videos like this come out and just stop.

  6. Were all of these images taken by the same witness? Because there are an awful lot of angles here. Sometimes the UFO is way overhead, but at other times our POV is actually above the UFO as it drifts below us. So was he running all around the mountains, or what?

  7. This is the real deal and under intelligent control by our brothers from another planet. It is moving slowly so everyone can see it for a duration, as if to say Hi! Let’s celebrate. They were enjoying the sunshine as much as the human observers! And they put on a show.

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