UFO Sighting Video Filmed over Mexico’s Nuclear Power Plant

nuclear power ufo

Mysterious activity over a nuclear power plant on November 5, 2014 has been making rounds on the internet after it was caught on a video and uploaded on video sharing site YouTube. The video titled “UFO Above Ground Nucleoelectric In Veracruz Mexico” was uploaded by YouTube channel Ovnis Actuales.

The latest video of a UFO spotted over a nuclear power plant is the second in Mexico in the last two years. Spotted above the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station, the Nov. 5 UFO seems to be interested in technological advances on Earth as well as the way people are making energy, which polluted the planet Earth.

Space aliens harvesting some plant energy for them to use in their aircraft in case of a damage could also be a great possibility, according to the editor of UFO Sightings Daily.

The description of the video states that it was captured by an engineer and shot by accident.

The UFO sighting video currently has over 65,000 views with over 50 comments on YouTube. It receives mixed comments with one suggesting that it could be a surveillance drone and another saying that Mexicans are UFO crazy and don’t have a strong evidence to back their claims. There is also a comment asking why people with big guns in America did not manage to shoot even a single UFO hovering at low altitude. Another user is commenting that people in Veracruz film an object and consider it a UFO for the sake of few minutes of fame.

The first UFO that was seen over a power plant in Mexico appeared in March 2012. It was also caught on a video and posted on YouTube by E Mundo TV News.

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  1. oh this is a really good one! film a ufo and don’t move to film it when it goes behind something. just end the film like that, and have us all believe it was an interesting shot. almost prefer all those shaky videos people submit, at least they make an effort to keep the subject on film. this video is a big failure.

  2. the photography was so poor that you couldn’t tell what it was. It looked more like some kind of balloon than anything else I can think of.

  3. There will always be somebody who will criticize a shaky video, low grade jittery and unfocused aerial shot, behind the stacks UFO hovering out-of-sight. Most people are unprepared for a an event like this. When it does happen to a certain individual, it will move them emotionally forever.

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