UFO Expert Claims He Received Unaltered Photos Of Alien Autopsy

Area 51

UFO enthusiasts have been intrigued with the secrecy of Area 51 for decades, but the speculation of aliens and UFOs in the secret facility has widely written off as a case of mistaken identity.

UFO expert Tom Carey says stories of aliens at Area 51 are true as he received the original Kodachrome slides of aliens that look like an insect. The slides were apparently taken after an autopsy of an alien, which was performed by the U.S. government in 1947. A woman reportedly sent Carey the images of aliens from the Roswell incident. This woman, according to Carey, was involved in the U.S. intelligence agency.

Carey claims he contacted Kodak historians to ensure the authenticity of the pictures. An apparent alien body can be seen on the Kodachrome color slides, according to Carey. He says that the slides were verified by an official Kodak historian as unaltered 1947 Kodachrome.

According to Carey, there’s an apparent difference between previously disclosed photos or videos of aliens from Area 51 and his photos.

Carey says the aliens in his photos are three to four feet tall. They have insect-like heads with body that likely underwent autopsies. He explains that innards can be seen in the photos. Carey plans to release the images early next year together with his findings.

Carey spent over 20 years researching Area 51 and has contributed or written over 40 articles concerning Roswell Incident. He has also published several books on UFOs, according to UFO Festival. Carey is a graduate in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Master in Anthropology, and a Doctor in Anthropology.

During his stint in the Air Force, he held top secret clearance in the military. Carey was involved in the Mutual UFO Network as Southern Pennsylvania State Section Director. He was also a member of the Board of Directors and a special investigator for the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) of J. Allen Hynek.

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  1. they have been here along time and some of us are enginered from the 40’s and all will be revealed soon. before Iran gets bombs. you government does know about aliens but not the important aliens. They will not let you destroy this planet. just maybe, we don’t want to know.

    • Sorry, I responded to the wrong post. You seem to have a distinct opinion of some sort of timeline (you referred to “before Iran gets bombs) so do you have any data to back this up?

  2. All these little gray fellas are clone avatars inhabited by interdimensional malevolent spiritual beings historically known as demons. In o’l freds opinion.

  3. how many areas are we really talking about ? might go as far up to 60 spread all over america could 51 & 52 just be a smokescreen i think like comment madeby fred s these alien types are from a dark place in our universe causing darkness over our earth re wars & drugs murders chaos so many ufo sightings now its become sky sport yet they never land people abducted cattle horses mutilated the world governments know yet your ordinary joe public has to rely on ex generals n.s.a secret service personel internet like you tube .ufo sightings please world governments come clean & tell the world population think we.re tough enough to take the truth .

  4. My initial response to this latest “revelation” is simple: if he has the proof, why wait until some vague time in the future to substantiate his claim, a claim that is absolutely worthless without any corroborating evidence.
    More importantly, he attempts to support his allegation with reference to a mysterious woman “thought to have been involved in intelligence in World War II”. Assuming that he received these slides as he says, and presumably recently ( why sit on such a bombshell if he received the photos years ago?), given that the woman was probably at least 30 years old at the end of WW II, she would be well into her 90s (at least) when she finally decided to make these photos semi-public,ceviche doesn’t make sense. That photographic documentation like this could casually fall into the hands of anybody–especially someone in intelligence–without the authorities learning about it, tracking it down, apprehending and confiscating such material, is very hard to believe.

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