UFO Terrifies Canadian Witnesses as They Record It On Video

UFO Canada

Strange light zipping across the sky was recorded on video by a couple in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Reporting witness John Edwards says the object appeared to fly near their home and it’s the reason he and his girlfriend were terrified.

The video was posted on the night of October 20, 2014 to YouTube. According to Edwards during his interview with CBC News, he believes that the object was watching them at that point. He adds that he was hiding behind the curtain.

In the video, voices can be heard in the background which Edwards claims to be his and his girlfriend. The couple appears to be excited while watching the light flying over the city. But that was changed when the light flew towards them and hovered just few distance away.

Based on the voice of Edwards’ girlfriend on the video, she was terrified when the UFO came closer to them. Edwards told CBC News that the object circled around and crossed the street while watching them through the window.

According to the report, the object hovered nearby and disappeared behind houses as Edwards and his girlfriend watched it. Then they got in the car and drove to a place where they last saw the object, but they could not find it even they tried looking for it all the way to the airport.

They never find the object again and never able to figure out what they had seen and captured in camera. Edwards felt that their privacy was invaded by the UFO.

CBC News say they tried to call Saint John Police Force, Saint John Airport and City of Saint John to ask if somebody knew who or what was responsible for the UFO, but they had gotten no single answer as of this writing.

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  1. Looked like a police or news chopper.International traffic colors green and red flashing.Seened to stay in the city limits.

  2. Why be afraid of a drone. The fact that it moves towrds their residence seem to me that the pilot of the craft knows them. Just my opinion.

  3. terrified is the wrong description. she was not at all. I think drones are getting out of hand. why did the lights go out on it. wouldn’t that be illegal?

  4. Did anyone notice the object is in front of the glare from the street lights outside seen thru the window, go to 2:22 on vid and watch ???? Then re-watch entire video with this in mind. This is a reflection being filmed off the glass … hoax. Couple is using their own light source in a dark room and filming its reflection in the window. The light source could be a toy, R/C mini helicopter being flown in the room, any number of things but not a real UFO. Sorry guys hope you enjoyed your little joke.
    Also just a little side note, notice the object is reflected on the window frame INSIDE the house.

  5. why the video sound in slow motion? Plus the UFO speed and the light seem from a chopper or a drone….? Real UFO visitors from the galaxies, their crafts are silence (anti gravity).

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