UFO and Alien Enthusiasts Found A Hint Of Ancient Alien Civilization on Mars

ancient alien civilization

No sign yet of extraterrestrial life found by Curiosity Rover on Mars, but a newly discovered cat statue among the Martian landscapes may just an evidence of alien life that researchers need, according to the report from Inquisitr.

Microbial life on the Red Planet has long been considered a possibility, but others are more thrilled to know if there’s another kind of life that exists or existed on the planet.

Many UFO and alien aficionados speculate that artifacts from Mars could prove a flourishing civilization or an existence of beings who lived on Mars at some point in time.

One of the alleged artifacts, which alien and UFO enthusiasts are referring, is an apparent cat statue discovered among the photos taken by the Curiosity Rover.

YouTube username UFOvni2012 posted a video on the site saying that there’s something more to the rock formation photographed by the Curiosity Rover on the planet’s surface.

Some UFO bloggers said that one could make out the ear, eyes, and mouth of the statue upon a thorough examination. At least one blogger also noticed another cat-like figure in other pictures from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab website.

Curiosity Rover made its landing on the Martian surface on August 6, 2012 and has since busy doing its missions, including examining the planet’s environmental condition and signs of life. Researchers speculate that some areas of the Red Planet are once lakebeds of chemical energy, mild water, and other essential elements that could give a hint that microbial life possibly developed on the planet.

One of the next missions of the Rover is to conduct a mini drill test on Mojave rock to assess the suitability of the stone for full-on drilling, and also collect samples of unknown crystal shapes that were discovered on the rock.

If the drilling of Martian rock becomes successful, researchers could look for mineral salts that evaporated on the planet after being left behind by a lake.

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  1. We should not jump to conclusions. Any geologist will tell you that is a usual erosion shape. It is our mind that is set to find familiar shapes. However we should continue to search for signs of life on Mars.

  2. These supposed statues, figures, monuments and other “buildings” found in the cryptographic photos from Mars and the Moon are so disfigured it takes a childlike imagination to create the much wanted proof of life on these deserted wastelands. The lights flying around in the videos are somewhat believable that something exist out there. If only we could depend on some “one” source that will report the real deal perhaps we could continue with knowing it is or it is not!

  3. sure looks like a cat if you bend it stretch it, color it, squint your eyes a little. who knows, I think there was and even could be life on Mars yet but this looks like a real rock to me.

  4. The cat teeth got me; then an examination of legs being there too caught my attention. There’s too many parts to this cat to be an accident. It would be nice to have rover take more pictures. Anyway thanks for being there.

  5. That’s it, I’m done with your website… Too much garbage like this any more. I know you want to be as open minded as possible, but the guy who finds these shapes in every other Mars photo has been proven to not be an expert and, in fact, a fraud.

  6. They will slowly let out information because the governments around the world no they cant lie about this forever because the siting all overr the world. You people that think we are the only planet with civization are just plane stupid and life is only about you. More will be coming out you wait ,watch and see!

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