Bright object filmed near ISS

UFO near ISS

Here’s one interesting footage of a bright cigar-shaped object hovering in the distance near International Space Station. This was filme recently in 2015.

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  1. I was watching the ISS pass over Australia tonight at about 8:15PM local time. There was a bright flash behind it, about 10 degrees, something quite different.

  2. Doesn’t look like space “Junk” to me. Those guys have a front row seat to happenings in outer space, and it would be hard to manifest something that looks so real. I’m in !!

  3. this is really interesting to me because i go on this site all the time. Nasa HD ISS views is an awesome site. live views of the ISS. and as you watch, the ISS is travelling into the night, and the thing to the left fades along with it, which leads me to believe it’s something reflecting on the camera lens. only one thing, i have never seen that mark before in all the years i’ve watched the ISS HD Views. but i have seen other marks. no i do not think it’s a ufo.

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