Unidentified flying object filmed over Florida 3-Mar-2015

UFO Florida

New video of a bright light flying across the night sky above Florida. This was taken on 3rd March 2015.

Witness report: Recorded on Samsung Galaxy S 4 on March 3, 2015. Unfortunately I didn’t start recording the object until after it already had made remarkably sharp turns and velocity changes. Definitely a UFO.

Author (James Loiero @ youtube)

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  1. I live in south fla.I also saw what I thought was a ufo on Tuesday evening.Lots of air traffic down here.After retuening home around 8pm or so saw a bright white light from my deck,at first thought it was a helicopter by the way it rose up and I kept waiting for it to move but it did-not.after about 3minuets it proceded to get a lot brighter,as in blue-white bright and then it just winked out,like someone closed an eye,but I saw it.

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