UK: UFO Flying Along A Passenger Airplane Over Liverpool Recorded On Video

UFO near a plane

Another airline passenger apparently recorded a video of a UFO through the window of the plane. The passenger and the UFO were apparently above Liverpool, England when the video was taken. The roughly 2-minute video shows a bright unidentified flying object in the clouds, flying along the plane. While the UFO’s initial movement appears similar to an ordinary aircraft in the distance, it makes an extraordinary descent later.

The incredible descending speed rules out ordinary planes or known aircraft. Some suspect the object is just a bird, but no birds can fly 400 mph like a commercial aircraft.

It’s not clear as to who shot the video and why it’s just currently making rounds in the media despite the fact that it was released in 2012.

The cameraman of the video fails to move the camera when the UFO displays strange behaviour. The video belongs to the YouTube channel 07TV run by the group called Audio World Color. The YouTube channel has posted a lot of CGI videos including mermaids, dragons and even a UFO.

Many people have fabricated UFO videos on the Internet, and the sad part is that they easily fooled the general public by these creations. However, there are also genuine UFO videos surfacing online but rarely receive the attention they deserve. Perhaps, the real UFO sighting video is not as compelling as the fabricated ones.

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  1. The fact that it was a daytime sighting and obviously not faked was refreshing. The sudden burst of speed at the end rules out a balloon and to large to be a drone and I’m a believer anyway, so Congrats on the sighting.

  2. Looks like something floating until it dive bombs at the end! Not clear enough to say what if actually is.but very interesting. And as for saying the camera person doesn’t move the camera. Well it is a plane window and the bottom of the window fram precludes any further movement. It’s not as if the person is outside!

  3. In my opinion, there’s only two things this could be, a reflection of something inside the plane, or an alien craft. Nice video, very interesting.

    • A condensation droplet that spins, then drops away from sight at speed?
      I suggest you actually watch the full video before commenting.

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