Ring-shaped UFO over Kazakhstan 3-Apr-2015

ring-shaped ufo

This black circle shaped UFO was caught on tape over Shortandy in northern Kazakhstan. This happened on Friday 3rd April 2015. The ring was around 100 meters in diameter.

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  1. what THE HECK was THAT?? a sand ring? how?? i’ve never seen anything like that. if it’s a hoax, and how could it be, it’s elaborate!

  2. this is probably aerial phenomena caused by temperature changes in the atmosphere either a smoke ring or a dust ring ? great pic

  3. Well it’s definitely a smoke ring, and definitely from Earth, lol, it’s just a matter of figuring out where it came from. I suggest they follow the direction of the wind back until they find something like for instance; an incinerator with a smoke stack where there might have been a small explosion of something in the trash, causing the smoke ring. The source must be fairly close to where this video was taken as I don’t think these rings would last very long.

  4. Actually there was a big smoke ring over Britain last year and was caused by an industrial chimney belching out smoke. Also there was a one in China or somewhere after a firework explosion. Apparently these rings are not uncommon and Alien, or supranatural.

  5. “We used to have an old tractor that would pop smoke rings out of the stack just like that, albeit on a smaller scale.

  6. ok. how can this be a smoke ring? we can see it’s dirt, and because the earth has gravity the dirt would not be hanging in the air like that. what is keeping it uniform until it dissipates? this is the strangest thing i’ve ever seen and i’ve seen 4 ufos!!

  7. I don’t think it’s any more dirty than soot, smoke or a jet trail. or a black cloud.I would love to see a UFO and it would be definitely stranger to me than an old smoke ring from some stack. 🙂

  8. There was a similar smoke ring over Warwick in England recently. Caused by a new pyrotechnic display. they are not that unusual. Just need a clear sky and something (chimney?) with a small aperture and a force behind it and you get smoke rings. Get the same results sometimes from artillary fire. Unusual if you have never seen them before.

  9. “However, Andrey Solodovnik, associate physics professor at the Northern Kazakhstan State University, quickly put these rumours to bed saying that the giant hoop was most likely a large smoke ring caused by combustion from a nearby factory. “

  10. Dust and dirt doesn’t just hang around in the sky like that, I don’t care what kind of aerodynamic effects spin you try to put on it. Plus, some of the dirt was swirling around the loop arm in certain places at perfect angles and sizes. like cones.
    Swamp gas, heating of the atmosphere, ionosphere trickery, all bullshit. This wouldn’t be the first time such remarkable displays were artificially done.

  11. Daniel, copy and paste this link into your browser, caelestia.be/ringvortex.html They atre more common than you might think.

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