UFO activity over El Paso, Texas 1-Apr-2015

El Paso UFOs

Check out this interesting video of an unknown lights hovering in the night sky above El Paso in Texas. This one was filmed on 1st April 2015.

Witness report: On 4/1/15 at 11:07pm, my wife, daughter, son & I observed these lights. We watched them for 20minutes. This is only 4min of what we saw. We saw them ascend, descend, & move around. The storage on my iPhone became full and I couldn’t record any more. But we actually saw them travel from El Paso to over Las cruces in the blink of an eye. That’s like 80 miles away in a blink. They then ascended together and moved toward Alburquerque at a high rate of speed. They were gone! I’ve been a licensed pilot for 12 years and have never seen aircraft like this or witnessed aircraft travel at such great distances so quickly. I apologize for the audio, I was super excited! Also, video does not do this justice, it was far brighter, clearer and dramatic in person.

Author (3544S @ Youtube)

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  1. haha do not apologize for your audio. it was genuine and had intelligeable words, unlike some videos that have nothing but swearing and “gangsta-speak”. also, flashing lights to get a response is quite useless, as some ufos are only orbs or plasmas and such. must’ve been quite exciting to see!

  2. Great capture on video. I have seen very similar lights like this over MI. Amazing how fast they can go. It’s nice to see that this event lasted for awhile. I have watched this kind of show for over 25 minutes a few times myself and it’s nice to know that others have seen this too.

    • I agree, I think these are oncoming headlights of airplanes, when they disappear they are turning away, and when they appear, they are visible. They appear to be close together but they are probably miles behind each other making an approach to an airport, or taking off and then turning to continue onto their destination.

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