Tijuana, Mexico: UFO recorded by several witnesses 13-Apr-2015

Tijuana UFO

This video of an unidentified flying object was filmed over Tijuana, the largest city in Baja California. It was filmed by multiple witnesses on 13th April 2015.

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  1. In a time were it seems like so many civilian, news media, private business people own the round copter drones, RC craft (some very high tech some 7-8 ft+ in diameter, quiet,fully led lighted) used for recreation, surveillance, aerial photos and film making etc. as well as the military used drones makes authenticating possible ET UFO’s very difficult. Honestly I find the older film captures or photos more compelling, those before all these drones and RC craft were developed and being used so regularly before advanced computer tech. Older sightings made when evidence of film altering was not so easily produced without being detectable. These new drones (military as well as non-military civilian operated)use of advanced computer graphics and editing tech are a sign of coverup at its best and possibly used at times for that purpose. Who really knows in these times.

      • Maybe why they have become so popular is because they have been made affordable purposefully to civilians. The more of them in use the better the diversion or cover up of a real ET craft, what a finer excuse could they think up next. PTB planning at its best, don’t you think?

  2. at point 2.10 on vid 3, the shape of the onject becomes apparent. The shape is almost identical to that of the ‘crafta’ floating around space in the ‘Tether Incident’.
    This could be a drone but I’m inclined to think not. It is too solid a shape. Who knows?

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