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Your UFO reports: 6th June – 20th June 2015
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Corner of Stakehill Road and Greenham Place, Karnup, Western Australia – 19/06/2015
I was driving home from work at approximately 6.20pm on Friday 19th of June 2015 and saw a red glowing ball of light in the sky north of my location in Karnup, Western Australia. By this time of night it was dark so the red ball was quite obvious in the sky. As it did not look like a plane or helicopter in the sky I pulled over to a side road and got out of my vehicle to get a better look.  I looked up to the sky and the glowing red ball of light was still in the sky but was overhead by this time. I got my phone from my car to take a picture but as it is a phone it was not the best quality and by this time the object had disappeared into the clouds. I thought the object had disappeared and I would not be seen again, so I turned around to get back into my car and noticed another red glowing ball in the same area that the first sighting had come from, this object did the same as the previous one, flew from north to south over head of my car, so when this one disappeared into the
distance behind the clouds again I had my camera rolling and another one was sighted doing the exact same flight path, this one I got on camera which is the first video I have attached. I apologise for the quality of the video, it was taken on my iPhone and the quality is very bad, any movement of the object is me moving with the camera as I had to keep an eye on the road where I was standing. After this video was stopped I tried to take more photos but they did not work out. After the third passing I started the video again and caught the fourth object coming from the north and passing over me, I have sent the video in 2 parts as my phone could not send the entire footage. After the object passed over me and disappeared into the distance I waited to see if any more objects were coming but they didn’t so I got in my car to drive home, as I was driving home I saw another glowing red object taking the same path as the previous 4. I did not manage to get this one on camera but it
looked exactly like the previous 4. They all looked round, red glowing balls that were a distance up in the sky, lower in the north heading higher as they went south and then disappeared into the clouds in a southwards direction.
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Lynn, Massachusetts – 6/19/15
low in the western sky me and my family have been seeing 2 very large star like objects. i thought they may be venus but they arent! i looked in the telescope and it had a black center and bright white lights around it. it kept moving every time i focused on it then it just disappeared. it will prob be there tonight also. maybee its a mother ship
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Las Vegas, NV – 6/15/2015
Multiple silver metallic spherical objects flying, all flying in haphazard fashion. When all but one disappeared, I was floating in mid air, blinking on and off. This lasted for almost 10 mins. Right in broad daylight, half a block of the Strip.
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tecumseh ontario 401 weigh station – June 13 2015 11:15 pm
Green fireball
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Banning, CA – 06/12/2015
9:43pm PST. Standing outside talking on the phone. Slightly cloudy light breeze. Oval shape, greenish-yellowish, bluish object came out of the clouds. Looked like those spotlights used for movie premieres. Movement was repetitive going through the clouds in a circular formation. There were several series of lightning but no thunder in all compass positions from where I was standing. The object would disappear, there’d be lightning, then the object would reappear. After several minutes all activity stopped. Heard on Coast to Coast radio station that a person in Beaumont, CA, the next city over, had seen an object just before our sighting.  After several more minutes, the lights appeared again. The colors can be described as similar to the Northern Lights. This activity continued approximately 20-30 minutes. Everyone in my family saw the lights at separate times within that time frame. I had been watching the skies the last couple of days hoping to see something. Well, I did!
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New York City – Central Park – Upper East – 2015 June 7
I was walking in Central Park by the Smithsonian Museum (Cooper Hewitt) and I began to see standing still white orbs. There were all types of flying birds and aircraft. These orbs were appearing and disappearing at different locations. When walking behind the MET by the Cleopatra’s Needle Obelisk happen to see the same orbs along a pyramid shape UFO. I was taking pictures in RAW format for more reliable evidence than just video. Wishing I could do both, but I had to choose to take pictures with Nikon 5500 or take video with JVC Envio. I’ve posted a video on YouTube for my Sunday  June 7th, 2015 sighting.
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Bollington Cheshire England – 6.6.15
England UFOTaking some pictures in a very quiet area high up,saw this disc shape in frame low level, there’s a aircraft on top of frame clearly see wings and tail.
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Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL – 5/28/15
florida-ufoWhile taking storm pictures from our patio I was attempting to catch what looked like a waterspout. I took several pictures with my iPhone within seconds of each other. I did notice something flew by Very fast but dismissing it as a sea bird catching the strong wind. While reviewing if I caught a decent image of a forming waterspout I managed to capture something not expected. So, I guess it wasn’t a very fast bird.
Martin M
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S_SE London ONT – Thursday May 28 10:55 pm
Fred and I saw strange lights coming out of S-SE sky over London traveling N-NW at 10:55pm May 28, I checked my watch. There were six bright orangish lights facing uswhich started to fade at about 50 degrees south of us and disappeared at about 15 degrees south. as I continued to look I saw nothing, meaning there were no red, green or white navigation lights to be seen. I waited awhile to listen for any sound and there was none.
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Britain – Mon.13.apr.2015
Location secret for now,1-10am.,alien Celestial Rainbow Starship no.4,filmed.See my vid.,on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton.MP4.,or if censored scroll to url!I now have 268 vid’s.,on my channel,and have lot’s more!
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Lamezia Terme, Italy – 5 April 2015
ufoThe C.UFO.M. (Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo) has recently published three UFO sightings occurred in Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro), Italy. The video trailer about the three UFO files is available on youtube channel CUFOMTV at .
The latest sighting occurred on April 5, 2015. While driving his son to school, a man saw two brigth, white sphere-shaped UFOs.
He and his son immediately got down of the car and took some pictures using two different cameras. The two witnesses then saw that the UFOs in the meantime had gone opposite the sun, and then had suddenly disappeared.
Exactly one year before, on May 4, 2014, three UFOs were seen just over Lamezia Terme. It’s strange that in that occasion too father and son were among the witnesses.
On 4 May 2014, 10 people saw three very low flying UFOs, moving in formation.
The central UFO was silver-coloured on one side and bright white on the other one. It was escorted by two white and bright sphere-shaped UFOs.
For a while they stood suspended, then they left at a very high speed and disappeared up in the sky.
In this case also some photos were taken with two different cameras.
Again in Lamezia Terme, on August 3, 2014, while returning home two persons saw, in the night sky, a luminous sphere.
They suddenly took pictures. At seeing them they realized that the Ufo was shaped like a boomerang.
The C.UFO.M investigated and confirmed the reliability of the cases.
Witnesses interviewed seemed to be sincere and though some of them were skeptical about the UFO phenomenon, they got very curious about what they saw.
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