Possible Alien City On Dwarf Planet Ceres

nasa ufo

UFO hunters have had something to keep busy since NASA requested help about the possible two mysterious bright spots in a crater on the surface of the dwarf planet, Ceres.

Unmanned probe Dawn studied the finding but NASA scientists remain baffled despite closer images captured all the time as the craft gets closer.

Many alien conspiracy YouTube channels have released videos depicting what they said a conclusive proof of advanced civilizations living the 600-mile diameter mini planet.

In one of the videos, Litereader alleges that several smaller bright specs on the surface indicate city lights, like those sights from space on Earth.

Another YouTube user named ThirdPhaseofMoon has also released a video claiming to have spotted two bat-winged space ships on the surface and two pipe-work systems poking out of craters.

Video maker, technothanks, who claimed government agencies have been hiding the truth, even posted a video claiming to have discovered absolute proof of extraterrestrial life.

He claimed to have found tall buildings on Ceres after his analysis of Dawn’s online images from NASA. The video narrator explains how NASA hide the truth for 70 years with blurred images.

He said that NASA destroyed all traces of anything in this photo. He revealed that he had to manipulate the picture to see the buildings. He refused to say how he managed it though.

Meanwhile, there are also videos claiming to show UFOs flying above the planet. In one video by TurkeyUFOReport, photos show a massive object close to Ceres, which seems to cast a shadow on the planet.

Another film from alien hunter Secureteam shows what looks like a dark blob flip over the two mysterious large bright spots, which could be a UFO performing a 180 degrees flip.

NASA released the most recent close-up pictures on May 16, taken from 4,500 miles away. It shows two bright spots that seemingly made up of various smaller spots. Dawn will be in its closest by June 9 and mission leader Marc Rayman is excited to know more about the dwarf planet.

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  1. You fellas gots to know some a them is keeping o’l fred and you boys in the dark. All you gots to do is take a hard look at our moon and Mars, do some Google earth images almost anywhere on mars 30 degrees n. or s. of the equator. Next download some images then play with color, light and contrast. You’ll see some mighty fine anomalies. O’l fred ain’t the smartest fella on the block but he know what he know.

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