War Alert: Soldiers Confronted By UFOs


It is a known fact that the public rarely hears interactions between unexplained aircraft and military personnel, especially during wartime in Vietnam. As time goes on, strange stories were stuck behind red tape during the war, but are beginning to find their way outside their bureaucratic confinements. The Mutual UFO Network is the largest Unidentified Flying Object investigation group in the world. The group is created to share some light on strange stories. In doing so, they collaborated with the History Channel to recreate wartime stories in Hangar 1: The UFO Files.

In Vietnam 1968, American patrol boat allegedly reported two glowing, circular aircraft that were constantly following them. Their reports were being corroborated by a second patrol boat stating that they witness alien spacecraft over the first boat along with lights followed by an explosion, which destroyed the vessel. During his Vietnam times, Capt. George Filer, a previous Air Force intelligence officer, had top clearance. Due to the more advanced technology, he stated that the U.S. was interested in the UFOs. As a result, aircrafts would fly alongside the U.S planes. Take of speeds and do barrel rolls. The speed is three times that of a regular air force.

He also mentioned that some stories came to him, but it was unofficial. He further added that a person who focuses too much on extraterrestrial spacecraft will mess his or her career. Alien vessel stories doing battle in the skies exist throughout history, according to Hans Glaser, the artist who created a woodcut of a battle in Nuremberg, Germany 1561. Printed an April issue, the Nuremberg Gazette describes the aerial battle between massive cylindrical shapes which emerged red, black, blue-white and orange spheres that darted. The Hangar 1 episodes will air over a 12-week period, highlighting military personnel who are willing to share their stories.

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