1952 UFO Incident: How U.S. General Johnson Recounts his Encounter


The existence of aliens and extraterrestrials are the most debatable questions of all time. Lots of people seem to ask instances at TV, radios, newspapers and within many scenarios. However, they are provided an unclear reply. The reality will be in which aliens do exist as properly as declaring “yes” for you to this sort of a major question unquestionably demand some heavy explanations that may follow. The statement is true for the U.S. Air Force General Gerald W. “Jerry” Johnson, who reported witnessing a strange object in Los Angeles while hovering an F-84G aircraft in 1952. The video was posted on July 8, 2015, to YouTube by Mutual UFO Network. Johnson had a distinguished career in Air Force having 33 years with active service in the Second World War. According to him, the two extraterrestrial discs approached his plane flying in close formation. As the discs flew, one flew above and the other below. The surprised pilot closely focused his attention on the other direction to witness the discs flying away.

He collaborated with the ground control and asked about another airplane flying in the vicinity, but they answered negatively. Johnson’s testimony is considered remarkable, and this is being shown by the UFO community who created a buzz about it. Statements by professional pilots are highly valued because they have considered the evidence of reliable witnesses. In a declassified intelligence on the sighting being filed by John E. Albert, the intelligence officer Major in 1952, Johnson said the discs had no noticeable means of thrust and no visible exhaust or trail. The details suggest to enthusiasts that a flying machine was merely a product of advanced technology. When you consider the 1952 incident, it is improbable that the U.S. Army was engaged clandestinely in researching and developing a flying disc based on technology as sophisticated as stated in Johnson’s report. Did Johnson encounter an extraterrestrial vessel on that Sunday morning?

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  1. The Germans developed some form of anti-gravity technology in the ’30s. Project “Paperclip” moved half of Germany’s Physicists to the USA. Viktor Schaumberger Developed WW-II “Repulsine” Coanda-thruster. Werner Von Braun became the Father of the USA Space Program that put a man on the moon several times. UFO’s were not as frequent prior to 1947 as they were after. So, my guess is it was a test vehicle using the anti-gravity propulsion system the NAZI’s developed. I don’t dispute that we have an extraterrestrial presence here but there was technology back then we still don’t know about to this day.

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  3. I would tend to believe the word of a military pilot or a airline pilot, or a police officer who has seen a UFO. They have no reason to lie or attraction to themselves. Great story and I enjoy everything you’re doing.

  4. Even more remarkable than the two flying saucers he encountered is the “hovering” he did in an F-84G, an early fixed wing, single engine, non-vectored thrust, subsonic jet quite incapable any helicopter-like performance.

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