Video – Cigar UFO Over Oklahoma Sky


Cigar-shaped object caught on video as it descended in the western sky, according to an Oklahoma witness near Tulsa. The witness said that he was driving home from work on Highway 169 northbound when he saw it descending slowly in the western sky on the sunset. It caught his attention as it was falling slowly.

The witness used his cell phone to take a photo and then started recording the aerial activity. The witness said that he managed to record the activity for a little over two minutes. When he got home, he showed the clip to his wife, and she could not identify the object. The witness posted it on Facebook the next day. Many people ruled out a passing comet being the identity of the object as its glow never dissipated and did not give off a trail.

MUFON-Oklahoma field investigator Eugene N. Zavodny closed the case as Unknown. In his report, Zavodny said the photo and video were captured through Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone. However, both the photo and two-minute video have no enough resolution to make out any details on the UFO.

Zavodny described the object as cylindrical with the vertical axis. The length would be around three times the diameter, according to Zavodny. Neither the photo nor the video has defined the top end of the object sharply.

The witness shot the video while the car was moving, so it’s difficult to know if the object was also moving, other than slowly descending. The footage and the photo show the UFO was behind scattered low clouds, which could mean it was at a considerable distance. As it fell behind buildings and trees, the witness lost sight of it.

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    • Yeah, one of those newest high tech “stationary” jets that just sits there with no intention on going anywhere. Great call.

    • ” Jet with short chem trail at sunset. ”
      AGREED !, Seen this event myself many times..even took time to get Binoculars and sure enough there was a high flying passenger plane at the front of the vapour trail..event common at sunset in the correct atmospherics.

  1. Unsure about this one. At first, I thought the earth’s curvature was creating an optical illusion of ‘falling’…that the object was a plane with a short contrail. Toward the end of the video it seems that the object came closer to the viewer (that would speak against it being a plane). I do believe, however, it’s man made. Too bad the video is of such poor quality

    • how do you see it coming closer to the viewer? it is disappearing to the west. you are right about the curvature of the earth, and it being a plane.

  2. In my opinnion, it was a plane flying to the west, the smoke trail is not visible because the high temperatures registred at the region, only saw a little smoke path at the rear side of plane. That shows the low speed apparently movement of the object and the direction true the sun at the west.

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