Mysterious Sneaks Up on Area 51: Are They Mad?


Many people labelled Unidentified Flying Objects to aliens and strange humanoid creatures when in fact, it could be other things. Of course, no one can say who made it or who built it. That is why in every strange sighting, people connect those things to aliens. Are these extraterrestrial creatures harmful? Area 51 is a place known for its high secrecy and security. Visitors can see the white trucks going on the hills while watching and observing the human movement. A former Area 51 researcher named Glenn Campbell, decided to visit the area for old time memories. Upon deciding to visit, it ended up playing a little mouse and cat game along with the security guards of Area 51, often labelled as “Cammo Dudes.” They are such terms because they wear camouflage.

As posted in his recent encounter, the exact location was not mentioned. In the video, Campbell stated that the footage is like an old time happenings. He admitted going out for research together with the Area 51’s border. The activity is something that he has not done in decades now. He was just south of Nevada, and North on Nellis Range line. Within public land, the so-called Cammo Dudes started following me. He describes the dudes as a team in a white pickup truck. However, they are quite shy. Whenever he pointed his camera towards them, they back-up in the bush. The only time he got close was when they shouted to get to their border. Shepherd Johnson, an occasional contributor to the prominent website, posted the video. Since this part of the video is incredibly comical, it reminds him of a traditional Looney Tunes cartoon.

As you can perceive in the video, there is a truck backing up. The scenario reminds him of a little cat hiding its head. Unfortunately, it becomes invisible now. Needless to say, their effort to hide was not sufficient. Since it gets funnier, Campbell decided to have more fun. As seen in the video, Campbell sneaks up to film the whole time. He concluded that they were not government employees. Instead, they work for a private contractor that possibly works for the government.

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