Mississippi: Triangular-Shaped Object Hovering In Sky

Triangle UFO
Triangle UFO

On February 26, 2015, a Mississippi witness at Lewisburg captured and recorded what appears to be a triangular-shaped strange object hovering in the sky. The witness happens to be a fifteen-year-old girl who had been seeing bright lights for one week in the same location. The case was being filed as 63598 by Mutual UFO Network as reporting database.

According to the witness, it made her easier to see the strange object because it snowed during that time, and the craft was closer, brighter and more visible. At 12:46 in the morning, the witness ran outside and began recording the object. At first she noticed that the object is in a lower area in corn fields, and it remained there for twenty minutes. Afterwards, the odd object disappeared, and the path of flight is not traceable anymore. When asked about the lights, she admitted seeing pulsating lights with a red glow at times. As it appears closer, it looks like a large triangular aircraft with bright lights pulsating. The case was being investigated by Mark Bort, the Mississippi Field Investigator.

Bort stated in his report; the witness claimed seeing an object approximately 400-500 yards away over the treetops at 80 feet from the ground. Furthermore, she said seeing outside in uncovering feet to obtain a record of the object nearby.  She was able to capture the object for a moment or two since there was snow on the ground.  Once shooting the video, she came home and continued to observe the object for approximately twenty minutes.

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    • no no no not at all. the ISS is 252 miles in the sky. also when you see the ISS it is a slow moving point of light. like a big bright star. and you will see it for only about 2-4 minutes.

  1. This is very interesting ! I always try to have my camera ready for my next encounter with a unknown object flyng around me.

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