UFOs On Video Making Strange Movement Over Britain In Daytime Sky


Alien invasion sparked as UFOs caught on camera in broad daylight above Britain. Two UFOs were recorded in video traveling in the sky above the Home Counties. Appearing like orbs of light, the objects were moving over Reading-Berkshire, making backward and forward movements.

The one minute and twenty-second video shows the two spheres interacting within one another. The lights’ movement is so strange wherein helicopters, or other earthly aerial vehicles can be ruled out as possible explanations.

In the video description, the one who posted the footage on social media says that the two flying light orbs were spotted recently in broad daylight over Reading, England.

Many people reported UFO sightings in Berkshire over the recent past years. In 2010, two friends spotted 21 UFOs over Reading that looked like rods. Top Gear host, Chris Evans, reported spotting a UFO in 2012 over Berkshire while walking his dog.

In 2013, a witness snapped photos of two disc-shaped flying saucers above a pub in Basingstoke. Just last year, a pilot of an Airbus reported near collision with a rugby ball-shaped UFO.

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  1. I wish I’d had my camera when travelling near Swindon a few years ago on the way to work at 5pm. In a clear sky, two lights at an angle, glowing but not moving appeared from nowhere. I stopped the car and got out thinking it was a low flying plane, but the lights remained stationary and there was no sound. After watching for a few minutes with no changes, I looked away as I got back into the car.. and the lights had disappeared. Creepy.

  2. Obviously real. The world must know the truth even if it’s scary! I saw a ufo just recently and I got footage of it:


  3. I swear I have been filming these around the same time in .mov format using a dash cam pointed at the sky then watching it back on 4x speed. I caught several looking exactly like these in North east england about a week ago around the 22nd. I had the recordings on a 64 gb sd cars which u was unable to convert to mp4 in order to post and have now list the files due to them becoming corrupted but I swear I have seen these things.

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