Bright orb seen and recorded over Ottawa, Canada 21-Sep-2015


Here’s one interesting sighting of a bright unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Ottawa,  Canada’s southeastern capital. This was recorded on 21st September 2015.

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  1. Very nice video !!!!! Congratulationes, amazing, that UFO changed the color, first red and then green. I saw one like to the green color in Córdoba, Argentina, at night but it was very fast, faster than this and at once it dissapeared. Thank you.

  2. When you first see it it looks far away and you’d think it was big – like a ship or something. Then it turns green and then heads right in front of the portage gov’t buildings. The guy shooting the clip then says it goes behind the buildings but it actually goes in front. Then you realize it is really really small – an orb. I have trouble with the perspectives of it. Then when it goes around the building it just pops and disappears almost in an unnatural way. Not sure but seems kind of fake.

  3. I am not sure. I can’t understand why it would be the same size far away as it is up close. I live in ottawa and u am pretty sure i have seen something similar hovering in the western sky at dusk from downtown ottawa. It was the same colour as the first part of the above video. It seemed quite far away so I assumed it was relatively big and not the size of the orb when it passed in front of the buildings.

  4. The man shooting the vid does say the orb goes in front of the building. Still wondering how something so small could appear so bright when i was way up in the sky.

  5. You guys obviously don’t know about the large Quadcopter drones they use a lot now days , can be a few feet across, carry large batteries thus can fly or hover for lengthy times, have green/red LED’s built in, sometimes flash or change colour to indicate flight or hover mode.
    Also commonly have GPS built into them so you can program on a pc a take off point , waypoints to fly to , altitude to hover or fly at and also at one touch of a button on the remote can return and land exactly at your feet.
    Police , news agencies and public all have access to them for observation or simply fun…

  6. I have pictures of this same exact thing I was in Williamstown Massachusetts facing Vermont and this object stayed in the sky for 45 minutes it was disappearing and reappearing the entire time, at one point two airplanes flew towards it A’s THEY got close to it it vanished, and A’s soon A’s they passed it it reapers, IN my picture’s I thought I only had 3 of this image until I zoomed in to take a closer look and it never disappears at ALL, the pictures o took are in order and you can clearly see it bright A’s day and at the Times I thought it was gone I still took pictures OF that erea and it’s in them, this object was so bright I felt like a silver fishing luar in the water how it twinkels on sunny days, this thing was so bright, I have no clue who to contact so they can look into these pictures because I have never SEEN anything like this, my name is Jason carrigan on Facebook if anyone is interested in looking into these

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