Metallic Object Found On Mars Excites UFO Hunters


A photo of Mars’ Gale Crater region brings interest to online alien and UFO hunters after noticing a UFO drone. The NASA Mars rover photo shows a Martian terrain on Sol 64 with an object that appears as a metallic chunk of machinery left on the Red Planet’s surface.

The discovery was made a few years ago, but on November 1, 2015, a new set of photos surfaced in YouTube. The uploader says that he wants to revisit the discovery that excites the online UFO community when it is found a few years back.

This time, the uploader tries to clean up the photo with some enhancement of the alleged metallic object. Paranormal Crucible hopes to help UFO researchers receive fresh insights and shed new light on its construction and nature.

Indeed, the cleaned up photo offers a new perspective and provides clues about the object. It’s good to analyze the appearance of the object, the time it was probably made, and the reason it was made.

Some online observers suggest that the object is of intelligent design and it’s an extraterrestrial drone. Online UFO enthusiasts suspect it may be built by the indigenous Martian entities or deployed by aliens from another planet to explore the Martian surface.

Other UFO enthusiasts suggest the UFO in the photo can be just part of a bigger spacecraft, such as a propulsion system or component of an engine.

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  1. The original photo looks oddly symmetric in shape. The only question is, whether it can be a fragment of some of ‘our’ probes, which were flown to Mars since 1970s.

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