Latest UFO sighting filmed over Deerfield Beach, Florida 16-Jan-2016


Here’s another daytime sighting that was filmed over United States on 16th January. This strange event took place in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Witness report: I was by the pool relaxing and had my eyes closed for a few minutes, but I felt the need to open my eyes and look to my top left to the sky. At first I thought I had some dots in my contacts or something affecting my vision from having my eyes closed earlier. But as I blinked it didn’t go away. First thought was like are those balloons? And at first the 2 objects were not that far from me so that’s why I thought the balloons are raising into the air. But then I knew there were not balloons as they had the same distance from each other and going in the same direction. beautifully parrellel. There was no specific sound, calmness really. The 2 objects kept moving NE but higher to the sky from the initial point I saw them. As soon as I realized this may be something, I started to taking a video and pictures with my phone. However, my video stopped recording after some seconds so I tried another video and it only did a few seconds so I just kept trying to take picture and zoom it as much possible to get a better view. It latest a few minutes. I actually called my mom to tell her and she said she was close so I was telling her I will go to her to show her and my dad. However, our connection failed. So I recalled and said I am coming but as soon as I said that I saw the 2 objects slightly move to the left and disappeared instantly. I wanted to share my experience with others because I am certain this was a unique UFO experience. I also felt an itch on my left and I saw like a line which I took a picture of. The redness lasted at least 30 minutes and don’t have it anymore.

Author (source: MUFON)

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