Switzerland: UFO On Camera Enters Swirling Portal Over LHC


Many has feared that the secret Large Hadron Collider may someday create a black hole accidentally that would swallow the Earth or give access to another dimension wherein aliens, or evil entity would emerge.

Now, something unusual has happened at the major scientific installation. A YouTube video shows swirling holes above the CERN’s massive scientific experiment.

The video’s authenticity convinces not all viewers, and many are more impressed with the CGI computer skills that resulted in producing excellent video.

The footage shows a swirling whirlpool of clouds in the sky before a UFO appears to fly into the centre of it. YouTube channel Section 51 2 posted the clip with a title “UFO entering Interdimensional Portal over Geneva SWITZERLAND.” It claims that two US tourists filmed it last month. While some viewers are convinced it is real, several others believe special effects or CGI are used.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) operates the LCH, a big network of intricate tunnels under the ground of the French border. CERN gets physicists to discover how everything in the universe started. Those physicists collide atoms together at high speed in hopes to see the smallest possible version and answer their question.

The same YouTube channel posted a video titled “New Huge phenomenon observed over Geneva – Cern area September 28.” The earlier video showed swirling clouds and an explosive lightning display.

Many people commented that it was just a powerful thunderstorm that had been manipulated digitally.

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  1. Computer graphics specialists could be asked to analyze the video in order to find out whether or not it is manipulated or computer-generated.

  2. wow. film is on higher speed before the ufo appearance and then normal speed as it disappears. what could this mean? that’s it’s extremely good computer graphic imaging.

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