Watch Classified Video Of An Alien Craft In Phoenix Lights Event


Former U.S. Air Force aviator has recently leaked a classified military video of the Phoenix Lights UFO phenomenon. It is being claimed that the footage showed a cockpit video of Lockheed-Martin F-16 and Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II fighter jets.

The never-before-seen footage had received a lot of interest from the public as it showed the two fighter jets in action in the night when the famous Phoenix Lights UFO took place 19 years ago. The report further claimed that another footage has been obtained showing multiple civilian casualties.

Dubbed as one of the largest UFO sightings in North America, the Phoenix lights incident had alarmed thousands of Arizona residents when they apparently saw a massive object in the sky above Phoenix.

Several eyewitnesses reported a craft in diamond shape hovering over the city for a couple of hours. Until today, questions about the incident are still being asked. The eyewitnesses can still recall the phenomenon clearly, and the newly released video has stirred more tension on the infamous event.

Multiple internet documentaries have featured government denials of the incident, which has been the subject of intense scrutiny.

KWBTV news journalist David Collins released the newly leaked video on the internet this weekend. The footage allegedly depicts military and UFO on the night of the 1997 mass sighting in Phoenix.

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  1. I doubt it was real too, as the event took place right down our street where we lived then, on 43rd Place and right over our nearby mountains, the South Mountain Park range. We watched it fly overhead that night at precisely 8:30PM along with our neighbors who happened to be out in their garage with friends. Shockingly, it startled all of us. Life altering event, and I also don’t think this is a real event that was leaked at all. Although they got the shape correct, massive with underhead lights. Debra.

  2. The video has no context and no references – it’s too short and is thrown in the middle of the action instead of presenting the uneventful minutes of flight that would add to the credibility of the clip.
    The UFO is too clear, and seems to move constantly: seems to be added for dramatic effect.
    The UFO doesn’t match the witnesses’ descriptions of the Phoenix event.

    This has all the red herrings of a fake video.

  3. While I believe the event was real in Phoenix, this so called video is a hoax. It clearly shows a video game format that’s recorded. It’s really sad and a bit demented that people go through all the effort to make a fake video that is suppose to represent a rare event. It’s important to bring truth to UFO sightings, not make blatant, fake reports as this video shows.

  4. ok. out of all the wasted phony videos i’ve seen here, this takes the cake. LUFOS you have a serious problem putting up a video where the man claims it’s real and live when clearly it’s a video game. yup. LOSER.

  5. This is very good proof that American pilots and commercial pilots as well are confronting unknown aerial crafts in the desert.

  6. The more and more I review the short video of the engagement, it does appear to be quick simulation from a game or a simulator cut.

  7. oh come on…i thought this site tried its best to show serious contenders for apparent ufo sightings, this is a bloody video game of flight simulation involving an apparent ufo, fighter jet and you’ve also got military bi-planes flying pass…..this is one of the worst ive seen to date.

  8. This is so amateurish I can barely watch it. We don’t need people to fake airings. That’s why no one wants to believe in UFO’s. If you don’t experience a siting on your own, chances are you won’t believe . So thanks a lot you idiot .

  9. I am 70 yra old, in 1954 I whitnessd a long dark green cigar shaped object that flew right over me, very slowly, I could almost throw a rock to hit it, it made little to no noise, but did leave a wonderful fragrance in the air after passing, it was about sun set, summer I will never forget it

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