Daytime UFO sighting filmed from a plane over New Mexico


Here’s one older UFO video that was just recently reported to MUFON. This was taken over New Mexico on 15th October 2014.

Witness report: A friend of mine showed me a video he took over New Mexico when he was onboard a plane from Dallas to Los Angeles.
It was in October 2014. I don’t know the exact date. His GPS showed he was over New Mexico, north of Roswell.
This can’t be a reflection because numerous passengers inside the plane saw the same light during an approximate 1 minute time frame.
After watching the video many times, we still don’t know what is was! The object looks like it was over the horizon line at 35,000 feet, and then it entered the cloud.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. that is a ground reflection. can you not see the ground, people? and how the shining ground object does not move? also it is merely clouds blocking the light of the sun and moving the shadow over it. c’mon people, this is not a ufo.

  2. If reflection, reflection off what? What is it? Considering its size in video before zooming in, from approx 25K ft high (plane cruising altitude) and distance (?miles) away from photographer,it would have to be HUGE. So what do you think it is? Does not move, why would that only mean it must be a ground object? Reflective, yes but the clouds can block sun from objects in the air too. Lets not forget to account for the curvature of the earth, look at the cloud ceiling, horizon, this object is not on the ground. Could be many things especially in this location but to say its a ground reflection without any other considerations being made is VERY narrow minded “stop being silly”

  3. “bodies of water?” very good point !! I checked Google maps and found Bottomless Lakes Park in NM near Roswell and here there are a GROUPING of fairly large lakes that could have created a multiple ground reflection like this video. Still I’m not sure the reflection from them could be intense enough to burn through the cloud cover and be recorded as brightly as our objects in this video but a possibility. Not knowing the exact position of our photographer we can only guess if these lakes or any in NM are our UFO. Just something to consider. NM has many strange unexplained Unidentified Flying Object reports for good reason, ie. Area 51 research & testing, White Sands test site, Groom Lake, Roswell, Dulce and also many more “unofficial” locations so….. who knows what it could be. We’ll never know for sure.

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