Fast UFO caught on tape over Mount Adams, Washington 13-Feb-2016


I just received this UFO report of a possible flying saucer:

Location: Mt. Adams, WA
Date: 13th February 2016
Submitted by Jason

Witness report: My friend caught this real footage of a UFO on MT Adams over the weekend

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  1. i don’t understand this video. first we see a sunset over the mountain, then all of a sudden we see a white cliff or something else, with a blue, ocean-looking background, and some weird object coming and going out of nowhere. and what is the vertical blue blur in the middle? when people put up videos, sometimes and explanation is needed to clarify. in this case it would be a good idea.

    • If you’re willing to say this is a ufo, with obviously no information or clear video, then you’re not being objective, sorry.

  2. I don’t think this is real because there is not actual footage aside from the beginning and end. everything in between can be duplicated via a green/blue screen. I do have an open mind in these matters, but this video does not prove anything, you will need to show the real video and the edited video to be of any substantial discussion.

  3. This video is OWNED by Strange Galaxy LLC in Portland and is being used without permission. Remove Immediately. Your description of not understanding the video is due to your theft of it, and you not being the person who filmed it, edited it and applied the filters and zoom which is why the color on the video changes. The reason the video changes is because a x-ray filter was applied along with zoom, the original video is now on youtube with subtitles and descriptions from the videographer with the original footage.

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