Obama’s Response to Question about Aliens Intrigues UFO-Alien Researchers


The television show “The Ellen Show” has caught the attention of UFO/alien enthusiasts as U.S. President Barack Obama guested on the show and answered questions about aliens.

It wasn’t the first time the president responded to this kind of question, but this time, a girl was the questioner. Obama responses, as in the past, are characterized as bit humorous but at the same time don’t deny the issue, leading to many speculations about the real meaning of them.

The little girl asks if aliens are real, and Obama replies with another question “Well, what do you think?” She tells the president that she believes they are real after seeing a TV program. Obama throws some jokes and then replies:

“The truth is we haven’t made direct contact with aliens yet, but when we do I’ll let you know.”

Some speculate that if no direct contact yet, there are already an indirect contact. Others say that the word “yet” implies that the government knows direct contact will soon to happen.

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  1. I am not quick to read too much into comments, particularly when it is a question from a child with a lighthearted reply, but then again, Obama is a man who has a habit of choosing his words, and him using the term “direct contact” is worth thinking about.

    • What makes him a liar? And who are you to judge that? It’s time that people take responsibility for what they say, why don’t you start?

    • What makes him a liar? And who are you to judge that? It’s time that people take responsibility for what they say, why don’t you start?

  2. Think,Why would a advanced being want to contact a human?We are all armed,diseased and primitive.We know only enough of science to kill,the entire world.slavery still exists,capitalist own everything,the world is ravaged by fools for $$$$ WHY would they want us?Other than spare parts,sex,and food?

  3. We all know their out there. He can’t explain to a child if there was. Top Secret for our government YES.. I’m sure the good ones are on our side even if we have some money hungry government officials out here. We’ll see someday for sure maybe after my time is which makes me sick.

  4. ACTUALLY…He did imply that there WAS, “Contact” with ET’s when he said they had No “Direct Contact”…that means there is in fact “In-Direct” contact with them.
    That way he can still hide behind a very “Sly” answer that really DIDN’T answer the question.
    Heck folks MOST Governments have had contact with ET’s for decades just BEFORE the world wars were started! STILL do…NOT FOR LONG!…IT WILL BE EXPOSED THIS YEAR!

  5. Quite the show to expose a small child to. A lesbian and a gay man and neither one is setting a good example by their lifestyle choices.
    Political correctness to the nth power.

    • Gay man? LOL, you sir have a problem. This is the 21st century, not the 13th. The President is a man of honor, and that’s what really bugs the right.

    • How very intolerant you are. And you are on this site, not knowing if Aliens are so called gay, bi- or multi gendered?
      Please grow up, and keep your spite to yourself.

  6. We can’t get an honest answer from the President because he doesn’t have “the need to know” and truly is in the dark on the subject. The United States of America is the only country in the world that it’s leader doesn’t know it’s own secrets. This shows how “united” we are; and gives credence to the fact that we are being controlled by a shadow government.
    President Eisenhower warned us on his end of term speech about the military industrial complex acquiring too much power; perhaps we should have listened. The security agencies (CIA, FBI, etc.) will cite that “…it is in the President’s best interest and for his safety…” but that will only appease the less intelligent citizens who really could care less anyway. Educated citizens know that he is privy to many secrets as Commander in Chief of thr military deptartments of Navy, Army, Marines and Airforce; and any counter-intelligence group for other nations will not believe the “need to know” excuse anyway. The aforementioned security agengies need to come up with a better lie/excuse than that.
    I was also under the understanding that lying to the President and U.S. citizens is an act of Treason by law…Oh! I almost forgot that those agencies have no oversight by the Department of Justice or Congress and are “above the law”. Another point is that these agencies first serve the interests of private entities such as financial institutions, petroleum corporations and Defense contractors, then the U.S. Government; and are quick to eliminate any member of the government for the ones they serve first. Remember JFK? ‘Nuff said. My apologies.

  7. AND michelle obama is a Transgender ..was born a man so WAKE UP .. OBAMA is a lier ND ALL OF YOU AMERICANS are dumbed down idiots who are asleep all the time …….

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