Bright Orb UFO Drops Smaller One In The Sky Over Spokane Valley


A Spokane Valley resident in Washington has recorded a bright orb-shaped UFO on video. The mysterious aerial object moved, hovered, and split into two glowing orbs- a large one and a small sphere. The large ball slowly went down to the ground while the little one drifted away and vanished.

Some observers believed it was an alien craft with a detachable section that would serve as a landing pad or as an escape pod during an emergency.

The video is thought to have shown a manned alien UFO releasing a landing module with astronauts onboard, or an unmanned probe releasing a robotic explorer similar to the robotic Mars exploration rovers of NASA.

According to the witness testimony filed in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as Case 53762, the witness was on the patio of his Spokane Valley home at around seven p.m. when he noticed the orb UFO with a bright orange-red light flying in the direction of his home. The strange flying thing moved northward from the south, then stopped for a while before it changed direction towards the east.

Finding hard to identify the object, he called his family to view the bizarre event. The orange-red glow of the UFO pulsated and expanded while it hovered mid-air. After it had expanded to a maximum diameter, it started to recede. It then split into two as the brighter and larger orb dropped a smaller ball and flew eastward. The glow of the larger globe also vanished as it moved towards the east.

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  1. It’s obviously real and the people are excited about it but what is it is the question. There’s lots of space out there and on the ground in that area so there’s no telling. I don’t think is ET but is certainly a UFO.
    Keep your eye on the sky, and thank you.

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