UFO Drop Off and Pick Up Point Discovered


A video recently made rounds online as it shows an intriguing sudden explosion of Colima Volcano in Mexico just as a cigar-shaped object flies past above it. Conspiracy theorists say the mysterious object is alien in origin, and it causes the sudden explosive activity of the volcano.

The strange thin disc seems to pass quickly through the smoke and lava that come from the mountain and continue to fly to the other side.

Ufologists say that the video shows an alien spacecraft dropping off and picking up aliens from and to their hideout within the volcanic chamber.

They say the UFO passes over the mouth and through the lava with a burst of light before all goes black. They think that the unidentified flying object transports something or someone to or from their underground base below the volcano.

If the theory is to be believed, aliens or extraterrestrials may have been touring the Earth without the knowledge of the public.

Here’s another footage from Colima volcano filmed on 15th February 2016.


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  1. I have pictures of these same type crafts taken during intense, severe storms with wall/funnel clouds. Five different storms over the past 3 years have produced (on camera) cigar shaped UFOs here in Michigan. My guess is that the energy given off is what these crafts are in search of. Severe storms or volcanoes may offer immense energy that they can use.

  2. um, that could just be a plane in the distance behind the erupting volcano! how can that theory of the “object” causing the volcano to erupt be valid!! there’s nothing alien going on here, only natural mother nature!!

  3. that object in the begining is a ufo they pass through it and gives it a type of energy the UFOS can use dumbass it is nature but the ufos are part of nature to

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