Watch Drone Flies Above Area 51


Pilot Hans Faulkner claims to have flown a drone over the top secret airbase where alien craft reportedly stored. Faulkner claimed to have recorded on video some areas of the restricted airspace from his remote-controlled device. Also known as Dreamland and Groom Lake, The U.S. Air Force base is located approximately 83 miles north of Las Vegas in the distant Nevada desert.

The secret facility is the place where the stealth technology of the U.S. has been developed. Some of the best U.S. planes, such as the U2 spy plane, the F117 Stealth Fighter, and the Blackbird SR71 were secretly developed at this military base.

The U.S. government had denied the existence of the base until 2013 when the CIA documents confirmed otherwise.

In the late 1980s, the base started to become synonymous with UFOs as physicist Bob Lazar claimed to have involvement with reverse engineered alien craft in a mountain-side hangar.

Since then, curious people and alien enthusiasts from different parts of the world have flocked to the military base in hopes to catch a glimpse of advanced craft flight test. However, people are only allowed to get as close as 26 miles away on a mountain range named as Tikaboo Peak, the same place where Hans Faulkner stayed to film the base.

According to Faulkner, it is tough to move around the site, and white trucks follow them but hide when someone recorded them. The trucks are allegedly from the base security, known as Cammo dudes, who are authorised to use maximum force against anyone caught trespassing.

Warning signs are installed at the perimeter of the base that also has motion sensors and infra-red cameras.

In December 2015, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told Conway Daily Sun journalist Daymond Steer that if she wins as president, she will send a task force to Area 51 to get the bottom of UFOs.

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  1. Why wasnt the drone shot down, if it’s such a high security place?
    And why wasn’t he arrested for espoinage?if it is such a top place, and vital to our country’s defence, what right has anyone to think, that they can compromise that?
    In any other country any intruders would be shot on site.

  2. it’s not like this film reveals anything…it doesn’t even show any of the buildings, and to say it’s area 51,, prove it, could be anywhere in the desert area.

  3. Someone really has to try this. Park outside the border and send in a drone. keep it low and see what you can see. Drone will be expendable though. If I had the spare cash, I’d do it.

  4. There has never been any aliens visitors to our world goverment institutions ever.Aliens would be foolish to visit planet earth as it maybe a huge risk, so far the best comunication for Aliens is through the crop circles. To prepare us all for a better life here on Earth,there is good and hope out there.

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