UFO Agency In Argentina Shuts Down

UFO over Argentina, 2008
UFO over Argentina, 2008

An Argentinian UFO agency is one of several pet projects of the country’s former President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner that was shut down during the administration of President Mauricio Macri.

The Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena (CEFAE) was formed in May 2011. The agency, composed of civilian and military experts, had goals to get more details of several UFO sightings in the country.

The agency, however, only came up with one report and ten investigated UFO sightings for almost five years in existence. The only study consisted of 12 pages about the ten sightings with a conclusion that all nine of them involved objects that are commonly known to Earth, including a star, the moon, Jupiter, airplane, helicopter, red lights of an antenna, bird, and soccer ball. One case wasn’t resolved because of the lack of photo or video from the reporting witness. However, the study speculated that it may be a red laser on a wall.

The single report came out after Kirchner left the office in December 2015. It says that the cases all involve known origin that can be used as a proof that majority of people mistake known objects with extraordinary ones.

The document did not come out without controversies. It allegedly had no signatures, and the agency failed to reveal its operational expenses. The CEFAE allegedly had linked to the San Martin National University (UNSM), which public officials reportedly used for personal gain. According to several reports, the school came up with a degree in aerospace engineering during Kirchner’s time, but the $15 million in funding the division was used to pay party cronies and activists.

With Kirchner’s administration shrouded with corruption allegations, Macri is now taking down various projects started by its predecessor.

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