UFO Journalist: Linda Moulton Howe


Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for the exciting return of Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter and star of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series Linda Moulton Howe! In Part 1 of this fascinating episode, Linda, in a rare and controversial prediction, reveals that she has received inside information from trusted sources that 2016 will be the year that at long last the reality of life beyond the Earth will be acknowledged officially by the political leadership and the UFO question and alien presence will be announced!

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  1. Nothing to do selling books or promoting tv programmes. ?……….. whats the odds on nothing happening, for as long as I can remember, disclosure is just about to happen, and guess what NOTHING. Just how gullible do you think we are, you keep saying disclosure will be happening this week, or month, or this year, and maintain any credibility.

  2. LINDA is a watered down old investigator who believes ALL e.t are here to help us .she is only good at investigating the crop circles and that . she does however talks about the animal mutilations so to speak .BUT NEVER and wont talk about the HUMAN mutilations being carried out world wide and is being covered up from the the public. she fails to mention of the human experiments being carried out and the food source that we are for some here on earth which has been talked about by other investigators such as Richard E Hall. also she fails to mention the genetics and slush tanks at DULCE base that human body parts are constantly stirred by robotic arms in big tanks .SO NO LINDA they are not all here to help AND you need to TELL the real truth about what is really happening as you ARE A PUPPET with your string being pulled by the powers holding the real truth….so LINDA you are a fake and NO there is not going to be a bloody disclosure as you and others keep saying and YOU KNOW WHY .because every belief mechanism and structure put in place would fall completely . SO THE ONLY WAY IT WOULD HAPPEN is real truthers and the public come up with the evidence and and bring it forward and failing that a mass public showing…..SO LINDA give it up already and maybe retire ……..

    • All of you must have shit for brains. She has spent her life investigating the most important question in our history. What have you done? Soon all the doubters will be silenced. I cannot wait to see the look on your faces when the truth is revealed. Priceless!

  3. jon iverson …i know who has shit for brains lol ..WHAT you should do is READ WHAT THE COMMENTS SAY ..nobody is saying they dont believe ALL LINDA says is wrong .its just she doesnt always tells the whole truth on the regarding all documented true facts from more credible researchers..LINDA has her own agenda which is making her a good living by promoting e.t as all are here to help..she doesnt talk about what the others are doing here ..another researcher with the same Agenda is Dr Steven Greer ..they are much alike BECAUSE there is alot of money involved .so they push they all here to help CRAP..try and tell that to all the people who have been abducted and returned and with there story being told .and mutilations being carried out HUMAN and ANIMAL so does that justify all here to help ..look up TRAVIS WALTON and BETTY AND BARNEY HILL then you can decide for yourself ..

  4. AND as for disclosure by govts ..ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN..EVER..oh yes maybe a weak one like..we have discovered alien life outside our own and guess what its a MICROBE..REALLY IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR ..because thats all your DISCLOSURE that they will give you no more..BECAUSE they know the first instance the real truth comes out .EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING CHANGES FOREVER..FOR EVERYBODY INCLUDING YOU ………..

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