Multiple unidentified flying objects over Mesa, Arizona 6-Apr-2016


Check out this amazing video of a multiple UFOs hovering in the night sky above Mesa in Arizona. This happened on 6th April 2016.

Witness report: I walked into my bedroom to open my windows and saw a strange group of lights hovering low in the western sky. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I went into the kitchen and got my cellphone and went outside to try and film the event. I could see the lights out in the distance, but I have a block wall and the lights were low and close to the horizon. I climbed onto a chair to get a better view. My security lights were on and disturbed the darkness, but the lights were still clearly visible. I tried to hold my phone over my head to record the event. I watched the lights in a formation of sorts, but not really a rigid formation, there was some drifting. The lights seemed to be slowly headed away from me, towards the west. I observed an object cross the path of the lights and can’t tell if it was one of the lights or an airplane or helicopter. One light seemed to fade then came back to original brightness. I heard no sound, probably because of distance from me and I cannot estimate how far away they were. I called my daughter because the lights seemed to be in the direction of her house. She was driving at the time and did not see anything. The lights slowly faded in the distance and then were gone. I called the local FOX news station and asked if anyone else reported lights and was told no.

Author (source: MUFON)

Note: Watch in full screen!


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  1. oh! i wish you hadn’t left to call your daughter!! but i understand your fascination. i really also wonder what that was. i don’t want to hear anyone say they were chinese lanterns because THEY ARE NOT. you may have captured something. they are also not drones.

  2. I was at a wedding and there were dozens of lanterns set off. And they did look as if they were standing still before they drifted higher and further away. Depends on the winds or breeze. Just saying.

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