Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2016

Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2016 by

March 2016; bright light – Edinburgh, UK

6th March 2016; ring-shaped object – Sydney, Australia

9th March 2016; daytime UFO activity/b> – Penthland Hills in Scotland

16th March 2016; ring-shaped UFO – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

23rd March 2016; TR-3B – Sumter, South Carolina

29th March 2016; unidentified flying object – Massachusetts

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  1. if the alian really exist, why nobody send a copy of the alian to BBC news or CNN to broadcast it all over the world so that the whole world will understand this mystery. im from seychelles and im a nature lover, i spend most of the time surfing on UFO net to see the mystery but till now none of this story or picture that i beleived is real. for me its not real. please send us all the news of Alien to BBC News and to CCN

  2. UFOS are REAL and the reason why most mainstream news channels wont cover the story is because they ARE OWNED by the powers or controllers trying to keep the secret .and if they do a story on ufos they debunk or make fun of the story like saying little green men and laugh about it ..THEY ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT THE UFO TOPIC….the best way to study the topic is watch some credible ufo documentarys like ..i know what i saw..or out of the blue..they all on utube ..theres alot of other genuine ones as Dan aykroyd..ufos unplugged ..just to name a few so start there and draw your own conclusion…

    • i am the same that the gov are keeping it silent as the power of knowing and communication is the most powerful to have on this earth and the other

  3. What a load of BS ! We have the greatest digital photographic equipment available but when a so called UFO is photographed it will always be the grainiest, most out of focus and/or most shaky movie that you have seen in your life !!?? Please guys, stop the BS, it is becoming rather boring to say the least !

  4. We have the most modern digital photographic equipment available but as soon a so called “UFO” is photographed the standard of photography falls back to first world war quality and all photos/videos becomes the most grainy, out of focus and shaky junk of all time !? Do these UFO’s radiate a “strange” negative effect on all photographic equipment ? Please guys, stop the BS, it is becoming ridiculously boring to say the least !

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