2016 crop circles: Brandenburg, Germany


Check out this video of the first German crop circle this year. This one was found in Brandenburg, Großziethen, Germany on 15th May 2016.

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  1. facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=164057533991417&set=t.100011615147440&type=3&size=1361%2C375
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    inside the moving airplane (>mach 1), it is impossible to hear sound emitted in their rear from a transmitter stopped in space
    An object traveling with speed higher than light (hyper light speed), it gives to you a dot of light in front of you (in the lateral/back, you just see black – “absence of light” relative to you with hyper-speed of light. Hyper-speed of light gives advance position and the 3D reality of image is not the same . hyper dimension) .
    Black-hole has higher speed than light, that is why you can not see the frequency (it is black in advance of higher speed of the light. You must have the same speed of the black-hole to see frequency of the black-hole).
    Inside the sun, it is the output of black-hole, it expands the compressed light from the universe of hyper light speed (the black-hole parallel universe). If you introduce yourself in the center of the sun, you will travel in the hyper light speed. Suns are like geodesic points to map the universe and traveling to this point-doors

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