Footage Shows Gold Light Flying Over Alaska: Is This A UFO Splitting Into Three?


Many people have done it – looked up in the sky, seen an object, and has taken a second look. Even though some archaeologists firmly believe that Unidentified Flying Objects have been documented by early man in cave drawings, it was in World War II that the initial official investigation began. It was the time when military vessel crews were reported seeing glowing objects. As for whether these objects are truth or myth— a person can only speculate. Ever since there have been intense interests in this subject. However, one still has yet to hear or see of actual and concrete evidence of the alien presence. Some people claim they have seen them, but there still are questions. Recently, an eerie video has shown in Alaska another alien encounter that splits into three parts. The footage was captured by Jared A, a YouTube user, and it shows an orb-like light object floating in the sky. As it blinks, He focused his camera and was shocked. Afterward, the orb splits into two to send another golden light hovering through the sky. The orb once again breaks a few moments later, but instead of two, it splits into three this time, with two lights shooting down to the ground.

The witness exclaims an excitement of the incredible sight. Among enthusiasts on YouTube, the footage has provoked countless of excitements. Since the footage is clearer compared to others, people appreciated it. It could be that advanced beings are existing in the universe, but it appears that people should not worry too much; otherwise they are clouding their minds and hearts with irrational fears of the unknown. The thought that there might be other civilizations in the universe should be the reason of excitement—not fear. If they are out there, they are probably much like us in a spiritual sense, at the very least.

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  1. what an incredible piece of footage you captured! this is nothing BUT a ufo or three! this is nothing man-made. nothing at all. absolutely a ufo.

  2. Wow, I saw this in the Midwest with 3 other friends 20 years ago when we were in high school (I remember because it was our senior year, 1996). Just saw it tonight in the southeastern sky over Portland, Oregon but now I could use The Googles to look it up!
    Couldn’t believe this when I found it, this video is a match and is FOR SURE authentic, at least I know it is.

  3. For heavens sakes its a flickering lantern hanging in a thermal. The other one fell down to the ground.
    Try sending lanterns up and see the same phenomenon.
    Not every thing you see is an alien.

  4. Oh spare me the sugary philosophy.
    How does anyone know if these creatures are spiritual or not?
    To Serve Man, manual?
    With all the abductions, mutilations etc, I.m more inclined to think they’ll be more like. the Mars Attack! Aliens. But that’s just me.

  5. I’ve been seeing some ufos on a regular basis in northern Arizona. In live out in the boonies somewhat and am surprised that I haven’t heard of anyone else seeing these things. They try to imitate stars and one evening about a month or so ago I could see one blinking its lights in an area across from my trailer about 300 yards away and when I went outside to see it better another caught my eye to the south about a mile away but up in the sky not low to the ground like the one I first noticed. When I hit it with my tactical flashlight it immediately went from looking like a yellowish star of decent magnitude to a very small white light and began to blink white and red trying to imitate an airplane and moved slowly off to the west into a cloud. I then decided to go over to where I saw the original lights in an area where I collect rocks and arrowheads and when I got there it had moved north east to the other side of U.S. 180 about 3 to 4 miles away. I noticed another to the south and hit them all with my light and they all approached me from three different sides but maintained their distance (about 1/2 mile to a mile ) in the sky. An airplane flew by very close to the one that tried to hide in the cloud for awhile and it was like the pilot did not even see the craft which surprised me.
    I don’t know what they are up to, but I see them almost nightly. There was a fire burning close to here for the last week or so and some of them a started to take on the orange color of the fire and the others are usually a yellow ( like some stars appear )and still others have the white and occasional red light while they seem to be looking for something on the ground. When they are together they move in unison like the one I saw on the video from Mesa on March 16th.


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