First Major UFO Public Hearing Could Have Answers To The Roswell Incident


A significant step towards full disclosure will happen very soon as the public debate on the existence of UFOs and aliens with the involvement of former government ministers will be held next month.

Canada has an unprecedented number of UFO sightings and in response to it, the first Canadian National Public Hearing on UFOs is being organized. The inquiry also hopes to get the truth about the 1947 Roswell UFO incident once again.

In 2015 alone, the country received 1,267 incidents involving UFOs.

The major event on June 25, 2016, Saturday, in Brantford, Ontario is to address and investigate the mystery.

A Paul Hellyer-led Canadian research and development team has been formed to organise the important event. Hellyer is a member of the Queen’s Privy Council, former Minister of Defence, and Deputy Prime Minister.

Mr Hellyer is considered as the highest-ranking ex-government official to acknowledge the ET existence and the global cover-up.Roswell-Daily

According to the spokesman for the research and development team, the panel is composed of elite individuals. They are prepared to present unimpeachable evidence not only the truth about UFO phenomenon, but also the fact that it has been discussed, analysed, investigated, and kept secret from the public at the highest levels of governance on Earth.

Internationally-acclaimed experts are expected to present their case in support to the existence of extraterrestrials, the UFO truth, and what world governments – White House, Pentagon, NORAD, and Vatican – know about the subject matters.

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  1. It the high time for everybody – authorities, believers, non-believers, skeptics, whoever – to acknowledge the obvious fact: UFOs are real, they are some craft under intelligent control and seem to be based on technologies, which are not currently in our disposal. Dixi.

  2. Roswell “A significant step towards full disclosure will happen very soon”
    If I had a dollar for every time I read this statement, repeated a zillion times over a couple decades …. I wouldn’t need to work. As much as you may wish this to be true…. Don’t hold your breath. There is too much money and world power at stake. This secrecy isn’t maintained due to religious beliefs or whether mankind could handle the truth, its about WEALTH, POWER, and position in the scheme of it all, world power. Disclosure and the technology that would accompany it would mean a major upset in the worlds economy and who controls it. It would upset the very fabric of the worlds economy and those who hold high positions with in it. Just to name a few big dogs disclosure would abolish – It would eliminate the need for fossil fuels, eliminate the need for major medical technologies since it most probably would include the cure of major diseases (cancer for one)thus shutting down the pharm industries, advanced “expensive” medical diagnostic/treatment tech for same, and put most of the present medical force out of work, etc. eliminating a multi billion/trillion dollar monopoly. These industries would pay billions to keep a lid on such advanced technology and maintaining its secrecy an worse, threaten to inflict harm to those who would threaten disclosure just to keep such tech from leaking. As much as I would like disclosure, at this point in human time,evolution, greed and power will win… I don’t see it happening. As I said, don’t hold your breath.

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