Alleged Door: Alien’s Entrance to the Massive World


Aliens have always been a debatable subject in the history. Nobody had taken photos together with these creatures, but couples are claiming to have seen as such. With the internet becoming the best source of information, alien encounters have become viral. Some say it is apparent that humans are not alone by sharing their experiences of probing following their casual stroll. Is alien invasion real? Do they exist? Is there such thing as alien visitations or abduction? You can never tell.

On March 14, 2016, the alleged “door” that suggests a hollow sun theory was captured. While some believe it is just a mere artificial structure, others say it is an alien megastructure. If not all, most scientists claimed that the sun is made of magnesium, hydrogen, and other elements, but some claim otherwise. A photo captured by Nasa’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory satellite is believed to display a huge door opening in the sun permitting vessels to exit and enter.

TheWatcher252, YouTuber and alien hunter captured a huge, bizarre shaped anomaly passing through the sun. The photo was taken on March 14, 2016. As soon as the UFO Sightings Daily saw the picture, the team picked up the story and uncovered it to others. The sun opened to allow extraterrestrial vessels to enter or exit. This occurrence may be an answer for the mysterious Hollow Sun Theory, which conspiracy theorists have been claiming for years. In the theory, it suggests that the sun will cool, shrink, and collapse since it is empty on the inside. However, there is nothing absolute about this matter. Jeffrey Wolynski is the brain on this matter. He claims that the sun is younger than the Earth and that they are entirely hollowed structures that tend to collapse gravitationally until the barrier is reached.

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  1. What you call ‘door’ is just not more than a distortion in potograph pixels due to the strong radiation from sun.
    But for YOU it is reason enough to once again publish wild speculations.

  2. Looks definitely digital, Guys.
    Digital equipment adversities?
    (That’s my guess.) Anyone’s call.
    Visually interesting, anyway.
    Thanks, either way.

  3. NOBODY REALLY knows whats going on here whether it be a glitch..pixels or something beyond our understanding..we do not know enough to even speculate what this is as our known reality is just that..who knows theres some researchers who believe that the sun is artificial in some way. there is also others that think the moon is also you see we cannot judge what other people say it is because WE humanity do know what our true reality really cant be proved either way BECAUSE we just do not know yet..

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