Triangle UFO Seen In Two Separate Occasions On Both Sides of The U.S.


A mysterious triangle-shaped UFO was allegedly observed above the east and west of the U.S. one day apart.

Two independent reports were made on the same day. The first reported sighting occurred at an 8:30 pm local time on Saturday, 23rd April 2016. The unnamed witness and his wife were left stunned after their strange encounter with a massive triangle-shaped object flying without a sound towards Los Angeles, California.


The second sighting took place in Geneva, Ohio, approximately 2,300 miles away on the continent’s eastern side, at 9:15 pm.

Both witnesses claimed they were not able to record or photograph the events successfully, but each one of them provided sketches of what they spotted.

Interestingly, both UFOs were large triangles with each having seven lights along the two sides.

The Californian witness said they were chatting when a mysterious flying object appeared at 8:30 pm over their heads with very dim lights, of nearly yellowish tone.

The reporting witness said that the aerial thing glided on a straight line towards west. It was estimated to be too close or too big flying at around 50 miles per hour, but without the noise that typically heard from a mundane object.


To the witness and his wife, there was no doubt they observed a strange event involving an extraterrestrial object.

The pair tried to record it on video or photograph it, but the local bright lighting would not show the images.

More than 24 hours later, another witness claimed to have seen the same aircraft coming from west to east this time.


In a report to MUFON, the unnamed witness said he noticed approximately seven lights. He had no chance to record the mysterious event as he was more interested in examining the lights. The witness, this time, heard a steady rumble or hum from the object as it flew slowly over trees until he lost sight of it.

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  1. I’m not at all surprised, I think it wont be long before the powers that be will come out with some kind of statement regarding these objects. I recently watched a new movie called the “the Phoenix Incident” its based on actual events that occurred in 1997 in Phoenix Az, in which the same triangle object was observed by more then 1,000 people, the mayor and governor. Not to mention that they were engaged by our F-Fifteens and they played with them like they were toys. I’m not sure about this last part… 4 young men were in the desert on their atvs close to where the ETs where engaged with our jets and either were killed our went missing and have not been seen since.

    Yea, its really a very interesting movie considering the times we live in, you can google the Phoenix lights, its all there and so is a picture of these same objects that this article is about.

    Courage folks,


  2. at 915pm apr 18th 2016..i was laying out back star gazing,,it was a clear night,,and out od nowhere appeared this triangle with orange round lights about 5 on each side and one on the was gliding slowly overhead,,it was very high,,and even then it was huge,,i could tell it must of been like the phoniex lights..if it was lower it would of been in Kelowna BC.Canada.

  3. Might have been the same object I’ve seen on the 12th of july 2015! (somewhere in between 00:00 – 00:04) above my home in the Netherlands. I did not visualy recorded five lights each side, only two and they weren’t round but longer shaped. Not very long either…
    Just wanted to point out for those gathering the informations together.
    If anyone knows more, please let know.

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