UFO Debate: Stanton Friedman and Col. Alexander


Here’s one older UFO debate from 2011 Arizona UFO conference with Stanton Friedman, retired nuclear physicist and professional ufologist and a retired U.S. Army infantry officer and colonel John B. Alexander.

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  1. The moderator likes to hear himself talk and Alexander is quite skilled at avoidance, obsfucation and rhetoric! Stanley Freidman on the other hand is direct, clear, concise and well researched. Freidman is and has been the very best at being a leading voice in the movement, as he’s not only articulate, highly educated, informed and consistent. He also conducts himself as a true Gentleman in his interactions with others.

  2. With all due respect to Stanton, he has made more money out of his UFO publications and doesn’t have to prove any of his claims, ………. no facts or real substantial evidence, just claim after claim I think he sould retired on the proceeds, or maybe he is not ready to give up the cash cow just yet ….. think this website loses more credibility each and every day , shame it use to be good.

  3. Stanton Friedman has never seen a U.F.O., and he is billed as one of
    the greatest “UFOLOGIST”. All he is, is just a U.F.O./Baseball card
    collector, not actually any type of REAL PLAYER , and will never be one , like 99% of the “UFO BOOKWORM SOCIETY”! “SAD, but True”!!!

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