Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2016

Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2016 by

7th May 2016; TR-3B – Huron, California

13th May 2016; UFO splitting into three – Fairbanks, Alaska

18th May 2016; huge UFO in the sky – New South Wales, Australia

26th May 2016; bright orbs – Minsk, Belarus

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  1. Offly impressive array! Either the Toys are getting better or someone/thing is trying Harder to Tell us something? imho

  2. my personal expierence was in 2001 saw an orb white heat type color not silver but like the pit of a fire anyhow it came into view at emerald lake yukon territory at 10 am onaa wed morn cant forget the day and seeing the thing it was 3/4 the way up this mountain one second and over the job site in oh 3 to 5 seconds all i had time for was do u see it do u see it and gone AWESOME never forget hope to see more

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