Witnesses Claimed Seeing an Alien Climbed the Trees


Remember extraterrestrials and alien creatures? Some people might not believe it—but there’s a time when a claim to have been abducted by aliens was debunked as a hoax or a myth. Since some people believed it to be fictional, anyone desperately trying to provide explanations should consider the evidence. One mysterious creature was seen climbing through the trees. Afterward, it jumped back on board when it was seen. According to the local TV news, three students have allegedly seen the entity circling Argentine city Santa Cruz before making the dramatic landing. According to a report on Notivision, locals claimed that a UFO is an extraterrestrial creature descended from its ‘vessel,’ before exerting efforts to get back on board.

It was believed that three students witnessed the EL Dorado sighting as they returned home from school. It started with a bright light when the unimaginable object occurred. Another witness claimed to have heard a very loud sound. Unfortunately, the sounds cannot be recorded because the signals went out. While there are no other ways to keep a track on the sound, it was caught on the camera before it landed. According to the reporter, a mysterious object was seen by the residents. The strange sighting was crashed on the district’s Calle 2 describing a mysterious creature that climbed a tree. Another witness told reporters that couple of eyes constantly looked at him.

It was son Friday that the strange event took place in the El Dorado district around 10 pm local time. Please remember that El Dorado district is situated in the El Bastión sector of the city. Whether or not the encounter and sighting is a genuine one has not been concluded yet, but witnesses firmly admit that it did happen. In fact, there is one resident that provided a layout of what it looked like.

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