Glowing UFOs over Nevada: Are These Mystery Crafts Belong To Aliens?


Alien theorists believe that “ancient aliens” landed on earth. However, what evidence could exist for these encounters? On Friday, June 3, 2016, a hunter claims to have spotted a fleet of the mysterious object over Henderson in Nevada. While people have argued the footage showing the glowing lights hovering over the place, alien believers insist that the footage likely shows alien filmed in an area nearby the hotspot, Nellis Air Force Base. In this place, it is where the conspiracy theorists claim a race known as the Tall Whites, which have been maintained as a secret base since the year 1950s. Steven Barone, a UFO hunter, has recalled his experience that he missed the chance to record the strange objects. He admitted seeing them after waiting for several minutes but suddenly disappeared. The quick appearance has led him to miss recording on such footage.

From the comments made by Barone, one could conclude that Henderson is swarming with strange objects. He captured on camera three separate events from his backyard in the affluent Summerlin area of Las Vegas on June 3, 2016. However, some Youtube commenters provides an insight as to why enthusiasts believe that the metropolitan area of Las Vegas is running rampant with aliens is related to a notorious hotspot, with a history of alien sightings. The Nellis Air Force Base is about eight miles outside Las Vegas. The place features famous alien folklore as the site of a top-secret Tall White Alien base. The base accommodates a small community of Tall White engineers and scientists who work with the USAF and provide technical assistance essential to ongoing black projects.

According to one UFO blogger, the aliens filmed by Barone were probably Tall While alien taking off from the Nellis Air Force base, hovering in the outer space. Alien conspiracy theorists claim that in 1950, the U.S. government entered into a secret trade agreement with the Tall White aliens. Under the agreement, the aliens would allow the U.S. government to get access to advanced technology as a swap for access to natural resources, such as titanium and aluminum. The aliens were believed to have an identical appearance to humans. The only physical features that made them difference are their large dark pink or blue eyes or chalky white skin.

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  1. there’s quite a few helicopters flying about, but those couple of bright white stationary lights that seem to appear then disappear….i don’t wholly know..??, But before anybody tries saying there flares …not a chance. I’m at a loss, but good catch.

    • Like most of his videos lights in the sky with no detail. To say this footage is connected to Tall Whites is massive speculation and pretty ridiculous.

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