Two UFOs Captured Over Seattle, Findings Still Under Investigation


If you are one of the thousands of people who witnessed aliens and extraterrestrial beings, you have seen the best of both worlds. As you know, the alien is too far from reality in public’s perspective. The fact that you have experienced and encountered it, the story will not lie. A witness from Washington reported seeing and recording two highly reflective strange objects. The encounter took place during daylight on June.21, 2016, and the witness was outside when two stationary points of light were noticeable. As soon as it came to the attention, the witness told a co-worker to get a camcorder while the witness kept an eye to the two objects. As soon as the camcorder was turned on, the witness attempted to zoom the objects. Unfortunately, the object was so small that the camera had a hard time focusing on them.

While the witness was able to zoom the object, it appeared highly reflective and had squared appearance. In other words, the flying object does not come in curvy shape, but is square in shape and has sharp edges. It also comes with a short bar in the middle part and bears exactly a capital H.

The witness continued to record the strange objects when they slowly hid behind a building. The witness puts the recorder tool away only to see the objects again to the right. Because of this, the witness has concluded that they either came back to the point where they were originally seen, or there were two more strange objects. Apparently, the new two vessels drifted to the building as well.

While the sighting sounds and looks genuine, some experts it is too good to be true. Meanwhile, Timothy Ward, the Washington State Director is still investigating. Therefore, the case has not been debunked as a hoax or fictional story yet.

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  1. drones? advertisement balloons attached to cables? if that’s a ufo it’s awfully close and obvious and people should be freaking and it should be all over the news. it’s too good to be true.

    • so what would please you then, the usual fuzzy dark video.
      So many people are so glued to their fancy new mobiles they don’t see what’s in front of them, let alone take the time to look up, and unless your eyes can zoom in, they wouldn’t of noticed these unless they were actively UFO watching, which could explain why there is not allot of other people looking,

    • Most people don’t look at the sky, and then why it should be feared ?
      If they are ufos (alien) they are around for decades at least, and there are only a few known cases where people have been hurt.

      Animal mutilation may or may not be linked to ufos (it s not clear),anyway,that does seem mostly peaceful.

  2. Brilliant find, not a shape i recognise in the usual earthly craft, unless we’re looking at military craft…as far as why would they be flying them over a populated area….seriously, we’re talking about military, they do what the hell they feel like doing, they just deny it away.
    well done.

  3. Good catch! Not drones, this does not show any type of rotation device, and drones do make some kind of sound.

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