Child Witness Speaks Up About Zimbabwe UFO Encounter

UFO Zimbabwe

On September 16, 1994, one of the most popular UFO encounters involving a group of children had taken place. On the outskirts of the Zimbabwe capital, around 60 children ages from 5 to 12 years were playing outside their school building when they noticed a giant spaceship and a group of smaller craft over them.

When the spacecraft landed on one of the sides of their playground, the children claimed to have seen strange beings from the ships which approached them. The children estimated the entire encounter lasted approximately 15 minutes.

One of those children was a young student named Emily Trim. She was at the Ariel primary school close to the town of Ruwa in the country. Until today, Emily says the incident still affects her. Emily stated that she was just a few feet away from the strange beings, which she believed gave her messages.

She has been making painting and drawing of images that she believes manifestations of messages she acquired.

Emily recalled that she was playing with other schoolchildren during recess when they heard a high pitch frequency sound. They then saw a flash and a craft. Two beings were reportedly hopping along beside Emily and her friend Lisa. These entities looked curious and somewhat mimicked them.

All of a sudden, they were in front of the children – about arm’s reach. The children were frozen, and Emily claimed that telepathic images began across her face. She described the encounter as communication through the eyes.

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  1. well this was in 1994….it’s 2016 update please, what do these same children oops adults now, say about this apparent experience many years on…..???

  2. A whole heap of kids couldn’t lie even if they had rehearsed, as invariably, one kid will have spilled the beans !!

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