What Conspiracy Theorists Say About the Square-Shaped Black Patch Around the Sun


Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) reportedly took an image of the Sun with a massive square-shaped black patch, which sparked debate and wild speculation among UFO conspiracy theorists. Some space enthusiasts suggest NASA uses a black square to hide or block a large alien spacecraft orbiting and drawing off energy from the Sun.

Other UFO hunters believe that the black cube is Borg cube alien spacecraft, derived from science fiction movie series “Star Trek.”

Skeptics say the dark square-shaped patch found in the SOHO image could be just pixelation flaws in the digital device or a NASA device used as an occulting disk.

Meanwhile, the believers argue that NASA might be using the occulting device to block out from view a massive UFO around the sun.

There have been several reports in the past on alien spacecraft seen around the Sun and thought to refuel energy from it. Moreover, many theories are suggesting extraterrestrial races would use any star as a power source.

But for some believers, the black square isn’t a UFO, but a NASA cover-up to hide a massive alien spacecraft orbiting around the Sun to harvest solar energy.

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  1. Yet more Secure Team vids purporting to be ‘fact’.
    Is this site run by a Robot? I know it’s copied word for word from another site.
    I thought this site was a genuine UFO site for serious seekers of the Truth!

  2. This might be relevant:

    “Unlike electrons, Weyl fermions [neutrinos?] are massless and possess a high degree of mobility; the particle’s spin is both in the same direction as its motion—which is known as being right-handed—and in the opposite direction in which it moves, or left-handed. “The physics of the Weyl fermion are so strange, there could be many things that arise from this particle that we’re just not capable of imagining now,” ”

    “Neutrino flux at Earth is comparable to photon flux at twilight, but neutrinos are generally a thousand to a billion times more energetic than visible photons. There are commercial attempts to harness this energy source . . . . If neutrinos are central to UFO propulsion systems, then we can bet that UFO designers have mastered both neutrino science and neutrino technology. UFOs could make good use of neutrinos for communication (Earth and oceans are virtually transparent to neutrinos). UFOs could also use them for reconnaissance (besides already having non-local reconnaissance capability, as above ) . Neutrinos can be used for “X-raying” the Earth to locate mineral deposits, oil deposits, geological formations, and caverns big enough to hide UFOs. Neutrino technology could also be used for remote surveying of nuclear weapons production facilities, and remote examination of actual nuclear weapons (amount and type of fissile material)”

    “There are indications that this technology could even be used to remotely convert fissile material into non-fissile material (turn a nuclear bomb into a dud while the missile is still in flight). The neutrino flux is strongest near the Sun, which seems to be another hang-out for UFOs.”

    “The planetary neutrino flux would be an ideal energy source. It is very energetic, abundant and completely ignorable when not needed (unlike light, X-rays, gamma rays) . When needed, it could, with the right technology, supply reliable, robust energy at the flick of a switch. It would be available anywhere –outer space, under the ocean, or deep within the Earth.”

    There is more information at this link:

    As for the black square, I think it is way too big to be a spacecraft.

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