Watch Golden UFO Orbiting Above Earth

ufo orbiting earth

A massive UFO in gold color was spotted hovering over the earth’s atmosphere in a video clip that some conspiracy theorists think NASA does not want the public to see.

Some UFO enthusiasts suggest the clip is the latest evidence that humanity is not alone in the vast universe. Most of the supposed proofs of aliens or UFOs are grainy footage, but a few are recorded in high definition cameras, including this one.

A YouTube user posted the video, which thought to be from high definition cameras onboard the International Space Station. The footage shows an apparent out of this world gold orb hovering in the clouds over the Earth. But, just like many instances in the past wherein a UFO seems to fly by across the camera screen, the footage mysteriously cuts out after a few seconds with a message from NASA saying: “Please stand by.”

According to the uploader, he noticed something strange first, so he thought of recording it, but to his surprise, NASA cut the transmission. He believes the unknown thing has to be large and hundreds of miles long.

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