Watch Sphere UFOs Over Jacksonville, Florida


A witness in Jacksonville, Florida reported his UFO sighting to MUFON along with a video of multiple spheres that seemed to be under intelligent control. His testimony can be accessed in Case 77814 of the Mutual UFO Network’s witness reporting database.

According to the report, the witness was driving home from work at 10:30 in the evening on April 23, 2016. He was going north along Monument Boulevard when the sighting took place.

The witness first saw a perfect bow-like formation of aerial objects. At first, he believed they were helicopters, but he noticed no blinking red and white lights, which are common in helicopters. Additionally, he heard no sound at all even if they appeared to fly below than a helicopter normally does.

The witness estimated the speed of the mysterious lights to be at around 50 mph, but he noticed only two of these orb-like objects that remained stationary. As he traveled south, he observed two more orbs, which disappeared while flying slowly in the northeast direction. Then two more showed up and vanished in front of him at approximately a mile.

The witness tried to record another video in an open area from a park nearby as a comparison. He saw multiple airplanes and helicopters flying and heard engine sounds from them no matter how far.

MUFON investigator Thomas Branham stated that the video shows UFOs were stationary and did not flicker, ruling out Chinese Lanterns. Since they have no sound or blinking lights, they cannot be helicopters. Braham closed the case as unknown after completing an investigation of the case.

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