AMAZING UFO activity over Henderson, Nevada 3-Sep-2016


Here’s one really interesting video of a huge unidentified flying objects in the sky above Henderson, Nevada. This happened on 3rd September 2016.

Witness report: What a strange night! My wife is coming home tonight after spending seventeen days in Europe with her brother and sister. Her airplane doesn’t land until 11:20 pm so I thought I would get some UFO hunting in even though it was really windy. I left the camcorder inside and only took the night vision camera out because it does much better than the camcorder in windy conditions. I was filming numerous lights over at Nellis Air Force Base when all of a sudden I noticed some bright lights over in Henderson. As a matter of fact it was the same spot I filmed last night. This time, all I had was the night vision camera and what it caught was astonishing. I captured four UFOs in a bunch that were moving slowly to the left and moving around each other. This was extremely exciting for me because I don’t really have any night vision footage like this from that location. There is also a lot of regular air traffic which includes airplanes and helicopters but the UFOs will be easy for you to spot. I truly believe this video cannot be debunked.

Author (Steven Barone @ youtube)

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  1. Wow! Thanks for being able to record this brash evident light display looking for RETURN COMMUNICATION!
    – The way it blinked around other lights and aircraft definitely looked like it was trying to communicate!
    Did you see the [faint] green light on the aircraft near it?
    The unknown object then shown a [faint] single green light.
    I can’t interpret it.
    Would anyone know/guess?
    [Other than “Greetings! Take me to your World Leader, Please ??”]
    Oh! News has leaked out, or, a rumor has been started about Vice President Joe Biden.
    The “news” : The Vice President ordered shredding and destruction of all Area 51/S-4 Top Secret UFO related Project Files!!
    In fear of the next President releasing [Area 51] files.
    (We know now that Hillary has restated her intention only release the material that’s NOT harmful to our National Security!)
    God Bless our Country!
    Thank you for displaying this incredible [UFO] object with a light show!

  2. Four flying objects almost ‘on’ a busy airport! Number of planes and helicopters appear to have flown at the same height! Still the Radars on the Airport do not notice them? Surprising indeed. I think authorities need to check the records from the Airport Traffic Controls. It is indeed amazing….

  3. Looks like helicopters or airplanes coming head on towards the camera. Night vision magnifies and obscures any light source. This looks like another mis-identification from the filmer. It’s un likely that all these airplanes and flight traffic missed these giant ufos and didn’t report them over the busy Las Vegas airport. More likely the videographer using low grade night vision is calling conventional objects ufos.

  4. These are Commercial Airliners on approach to runway 25 left and right. I am a Commercial pilot, living in Las Vegas for more than 30 years. You can see this, almost every night. Especially, when the wind is out of the west. These are not UFO’S.

  5. Anytime I see a videographer posting ufo videos 3x per week it makes me think there’s some serious mis-identification happening. Barone claims to film these lights literally every other day and posts videos claiming so. When commercial airline pilots look at his videos they usually say they can identify them as incoming planes. When have you seen anyone posting legit ufo captures multiple times every week. Night vision makes the un experienced user think everything is a ufo. I’m skeptical of these low resolution videos and sped up footage.

  6. Steve,

    What kind of night vision camera do you use? Would you keep it, or replace it today? Why? I’m looking to buy one, but there are too many to make an educated choice without some first-hand experience.

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